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All Natural
#3 Grit for Adult Birds
#3 Grit for Adult Birds
Oyster Shell
For strong eggs Oyster Shell is a must have: Laying hens need a source of calcium to keep their eggshells strong. Hens that get too little calcium will lay thin-shelled eggs that will be prone to breakage.

Chick Grit
POULTRY MUST HAVE GRIT. Because poultry have no teeth, they need a hard substance in their crop to grind the feed. This helps them utilize the vitamins and food value in what they eat.
Murray's Dust Powder
Murray's Dusting Powder
Eliminate all lice and mites.

Poultry love to eat PROSO. Sow some in your poultry yard for them to feed on and save on the feed cost. It will grow anywhere, takes only 60 to 70 days to mature, and reaches 3 to 4 feet in height.
Pine Tar Pint
Phenol containing pine tar is a natural antimicrobial, germicidal treatment not only for horse hooves but can be used to cover a wound caused by pecking. One pint can.

Avia Charge 2000
This All Natural trace mineral supplement is the key to animal health. It helps reduce pecking and improves feather durability and color, just to name a few of the benefits your birds will gain by having Avia Charge.
chicken tonic
Verm-X For Poultry
Verm-X is a 100% natural formulation that helps maintain all areas of intestinal hygiene whilst being gentle on the animals gut and digestive system.
Immuno Charge
Immuno Charge
This is an all natural "bad bacteria" fighter. It knocks out disease-producing pathogens, replenishes health-promoting bacteria, restores metabolic balance, and most importantly, enhances the immune system.