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Broadbreasted Bronze
2014 Delivery Dates
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Beautiful to behold, these stately lords of the barnyard must be seen to be appreciated. The metallic sheen of the feathers changes from copper to bronze to burnished gold as the light moves across them. Four feet in length, six feet from wing tip to wing tip, a full grown tom will weigh in at about 38 pounds. Hens easily go 22 pounds. No wonder the Pilgrims gave thanks for the wild ancestors of these present-day beauties.








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Customer Product Reviews
We loved our Broadbreasted Bronze. They were the talk of our county fair. My kids won grand champion and reserve champion with these beautiful birds. Everyone wanted to know where they came from and where they could get some like them, and of course we said McMurray Hatchery, you can't beat them!
I received my BBB turkeys in July and they hit the ground running. They are a month old now and I've had no losses, just happy healthy turkeys. Some of the males are already "strutting their stuff". This is the first time I've tried the BBB turkeys on our farm, but our customers seem to be excited about it, we sold ALL of our BBB turkeys within two weeks! (All of our BBW were preorder only so they were sold before we ordered them.) We tried the BBB this year, but no doubt we will be getting more next year! Can't wait! VERY SATISFIED with the health and quality of these turkeys. Couldn't ask for anything more!
Last April we purchased 20 BB Bronze Turkeys. This year we won Grand and Reserve Grand Champion with these beautiful birds. The year before we won Grand Champion with the first order. Highly recommended!
These giants are a pleasure to raise. Ours average 33lbs ready for the oven. Mary's largest was 62lbs dressed, mine @50lbs. Docile, gentile, a fine breed and always a money maker. Tried the white turkeys, too aggressive, will stay with these as many children pass by to hand feed them grass
We raised 12 of these last year and were very impressed! We received them in late June and butchered them in November. They were very docile birds and loved to be held. We let them free range but we had to walk them back to the coop each night or they would sleep wherever. The biggest tom dressed out at 33lbs! Most of the hens dressed out in the 20lb range. Great taste and lots of meat!
Dear McMurray, I purchased 20 turkeys last spring as FFA projects for our county fair. Our Broadbreasted Tom won Grand Champion at the Kern County Fair ! There were 28 turkeys at this show, so it was a great accomplishment. These turkeys grow fast, have beautiful feathering, and are very calm for my students to raise. We also took four hens to the fair. They placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the turkey hen class. (A class with over 15 entries). A really nice set of birds! Thank You! We will be ordering again next year! Katy
These are great brids......we have four and were toms....Butchered two last week and tasted great!!!!!
This is the second year that my son and daughter are raising the Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys from Murray McMurray Hatchery. I cannot overstate our satisfaction with these birds. Our first batch produced a 57 lb. monster by Thanksgiving (44 lbs. dressed and in the oven). We just butchered one of our toms from this second batch, and it dressed at 42 lbs., and we are still 11 weeks from Thanksgiving! I can't imagine how big the rest of the birds will get by then. And they taste so gooooood.
I got 10 Broadbreasted in June. We killed 2 toms Thanksgiving and both dressed out at 35lbs. We had more then enough meat with one. These turkeys are good eating. There were 10 adults and 2 kids here, and we were still eating Turkey the next week and giving it away. We put one and the freezer, cut up it took 4 gallon size bags for just the breast (boneless, split, plus the breast had to be cut in half). We have 4 nice size breasts, just from 1 Tom. the only downsize is that these turkeys can not reproduce. We will be ordering more this year to have to eat and and getting standards to raise.
My friend and I split an order of 16 that we got in the first week of June. We butchered 6 last week, and at 4 months old at least 3 of them weighed over 30 pounds! They made the best turkey I have ever eaten, and the only problem was finding a pan big enough to cook them in!
We recently ordered and recieved 15 turkeys. They are awesome. I never knew turkeys were affectionate. They all come running to the fence when they see us, and if we go in the run they want to be held and stroked. They love to fall asleep on our laps! They have awesome personalities. They are only 4 weeks old.
We ordered these turkeys and grew them on pasture supplemented with high protein feed. They were huge after 14 weeks of growth. The toms weighed almost 50 pounds live weight with a butchered weight of 39.5 pounds. Now that's a big Thanksgiving turkey. We had to order a pan large enough to cook the turkey in.
These are awesome birds. We got 15 a year ago and butchered all but a tom and a jenny last fall.The tasted great! We just butchered the last two and the jenny weighed 39.7 pounds dressed and the tom weighed 49.5 pounds dressed...huge!!!
I ordered 15 of these beautiful birds in the spring and can't get over their massive size. They're very gentle and easy to work with. I'm looking forward to getting more of these wonderful birds next year.
Recently my uncle and I purchased 15 of this breed and they are absolutly wonderfull. They are doing well and are huge!!
This breed is the best breed of turkey I have ever had . They are good mothers and good for meat.