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Brown Egg Layers
2014 Delivery Dates
Catalog Number Description 15 25 50 100 How Many
BELP Females 15 for $38.25 25 for $60.50 50 for $117.00 100 for $225.00 Sold Out
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Availability Display below is for the next several hatches. This breed is available for future dates. You can pick the date during the check out process. Green: available. Blue: limited availability. Red: not available.
If you prefer large brown eggs and don't need a specific breed, our BROWN EGG LAYERS are just what you're looking for. Our choice of varieties, but we guarantee at least 5 different ones from this list: Black Australorps; Lt. Brahmas; Dark Cornish; Black and White Giants; Buff and White Orpingtons; New Hampshire, Rhode Island Reds, Barred, White, Partridge, Buff Rocks;Delaware, Sussex, Turkens; White, Silver Laced, & Columbian Wyandottes, Red Star and Black Star. These chicks will make a colorful and productive assortment of pullets. Many of our customers use these for stewing hens when they're done producing, creating a wonderful dual purpose. One of our most popular assortments.
As a reminder, to help ensure a safe arrival to you, the minimum number of chicks for each order prior to April 1st is 25. On and after April 1st, the minimum number of chicks required is 15. You can mix and match any type of baby chick in your order to reach the applicable chick minimum order. If ordering any bantams, we require a minimum of 15 bantams per order.
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Customer Product Reviews
I ordered the 15 "grab bag" brown egg layers and 3 turkens and of course the free "exotic" chick in June. All 19 chicks arrived healthy and active. 7 weeks later and all 19 are still healthy and doing wonderful!! My chicks are my pets and are held everyday (multiple times most days). They are extremely friendly and will often jump onto my back when i go out feed and play with them. I love the "grab bag" but am still trying to figure out what everyone is and am not even sure who the free "exotic" chick is. I love my three turkens!!! They are so cute!!!! I have been able to identify 6 breeds out of my grab bag so far, I am pretty sure i have 2-lt brahmas (very different colors, both so beautiful), 2- buff orpingtons, 2- new hampshires, 1- rhode island red, 1 barred rock, and 5- black stars. Then i have my 3 turkens (three different colors). That leaves 3 unknowns, one of which is my free "exotic". Whatever they are, i love them!!! They are growing rapidly with no health problems. Thank you Mcmurray!!!
We received our 15 brown layers and 1 rare yesterday! They all arrived healthy. We know we received 4 Turkens however are not sure on the others yet. Today they all look to have adjusted to their new coop and travels! We will definitely be returning customers. Thank you.
We ordered the Brown Egg Layers. They all arrived in great shape. They are 5 weeks old now and are going strong. We actually ended up with 27 counting the bonus rare exotic. We had always bought from a store, but wanted to get a larger quantity and the store we usually get them from didn't really have a good selection this year. We are out of our comfort zone a bit because we have several breeds now that we have never raised. Some Turkens which look strange with no feathers on their necks, but we read they are good layers so that makes us feel better. Always fun having chickens around.
VERY happy with both the customer service and the product!! Compared to other commercial establishments where chicks can be purchased, Murray McMurray is far less expensive for a higher quality chick. Notifications of shipping were timely and reassuring. Not only did all of the chicks survive shipping, but the inclusion of additional chicks to supplement loss was greatly appreciated....especially since all of the shipment including the additions have survived and are thriving!! Thanks you for your great customer service and keen attention to detail!
product review We got our 27 chicks this morning and all were well and fine. We are so excited to see what the exotic is. We're looking forward to all the eggs!
My father and I always ordered our chicks from McMurray. This year we needed some more layers so, I ordered 25 of these little ladies. All arrived healthy and happy and I have been having a lot of fun trying to guess which breeds I have received. Including the free rare chick I think I have 9 different breeds! I was also pleasantly surprised to find the McMurray included 1 extra brown egg layer for free. As always, I am pleased with the quality of birds from McMurray!
product review All chicks arrived in great shape at Post Office. Very active, drinking/eating, CHEEPING.....Thanks for a diverse bunch of little ladies !!!
I ordered the brown egg layers and they arrived quickly and in great shape. Each day I fall more in love with them. They are so much fun to watch! I am so glad I ordered from y'all! My only suggestion is to tell the customer how many of,what type of chickens they send, to narrow the choices when figuring out what you have received.
I ordered 15 chicks. They arrived happy and healthy. Haven't lost any. Thank you. Will be ordering more.
I just received my order of 50 "brown egg layers" this morning. They were all in good shape and ready for their 1st drink of water. Can't wait to see what kinds I have...looks like a great mixture. I have ordered from McMurray several times and have always been very satisfied. Thanks, McMurray!!
Received my order, every one is happy and healthy. Thank you for the added surprise chicks. First time ordering chicks online, highly recommended.
We ordered 25 brown egg layers and received 27 healthy, beautiful chicks April 1st. It is now mid-May and every one is still alive and doing great! We are having fun identifying this beautiful assortment and are excited to see them with their full feathers. Thank you Murray McMurray.
First time buyer at McMurray, and I'm sold! Ordered 36 chicks total including the brown egg layers collection, received 38, 2 died from shipping strain it appeared within the first 2 days, but Mcmurray promptly gave credits and I still ended up with 36! They are now 6 weeks old and absolutely healthy, big and beautiful! Never had this many live and turn out so well, I won't be getting my chicks from anywhere else now. My family and friends are amazed at the success, I couldn't be more pleased! I used the quik chik and grow gel, and recommend both heartily. Thanks for such great stock!
My chicks arrived in one day and all were alive and healthy. I always dread opening the box when I pick up my peeps but, these were perfect and I had 5 extras! I love the mix of breeds in the brown egg layer collection. I have at least 8 different varieties.
My chicks are a week old today. All are in excellent condition,and are ravenous feeders. I have 25 brown egg layer mix,and 50 rock x Cornish. Can't wait to see what my layers are! Great work McMurray hatchery.
I ordered 50 chicks and all arrived alive and very full of themselves. They are doing well and growing like weeds, i am so glad i got them. This is my second time around with this company and i am very pleased. I also have turkeys on order for the spring can't wait.
I ordered 25 of the Brown Egg Layers to arrive in Mid November of 2011. I received 27 total ended up being 26 hens and 1 rooster. I live in central Nebraska and wanted to get these in the late fall so by spring time they would be laying well. The chicks arrived all of them healthy and not one of them died. Early summer I gave 10 of them to a family that wanted to show them at our county fair (Custer County Nebraska) They both won Grand Champion showmanship (Senior and Junior division) and had best of show with a Delaware Hen. The rest of the hens also received purple ribbons. The other 16 hens that I kept are steadily laying 12-14 eggs/day even through the hot dry summer we've had. I will do the same program again this coming November, I really appreciate the quality stock that Murray McMurray delivers, Thank You
Our 25 brown egg layer chicks arrived 2 weeks ago happy and (all but one) healthy; along with our mystery exotic. About 3 days after we got the chicks we noticed one was blind and she wasn't moving around with the others. My little sister was really sad and took care of her as best she could, but it still died two days later. McMurray was great in refunding us for the lost chick; no questions asked. Now two weeks later all the others are still completely healthy and getting big! So far they seem to be very hardy and athletic. Proof? One chick got squished under our waterer for about 8 hours, and when we got her out she was laying flat and was also quite damp.We thought she was dead until she started giving weak little attempts at tweeting. We wrapped her in a towel and kept her warm and snug for half an hour and then she was completely fine! I have figured out almost all the different breeds we got, including the mystery chick! Mr. Mystery is a Golden Polish, and our mix of others are Lt. Brahma, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Dark Cornish, Delaware, and a couple White and Black Giants/Australorps. There were also 7 reddish/gold chicks that we couldn't figure out, and 5 Partridge Rocks or Speckled Sussex. Thanks McMurray for a wonderful addition to our flock!
Great service! Chicks hatched on Friday, they were shipped Saturday. We got a call to pick them up at the Post Office Saturday night. All were happy and healthy.
We got our order (25 Brown Egg Layer Assortment +1 White Crested Black Polish) back in July. It's now January and we get 18 eggs a day. At this rate I could get a few roosters and be hatching a small flock every month. I just got the approval to get more chickens, so this year we will order 50 chickens and some turkeys. We have proven we can get we are going to start filling the freezer.
My baby chicks arrived this morning and all appear to being well. I haven't been able to get them into the 'nursery' yet, but I will this afternoon. I expect everything will be great. This is my second order from McMurray and I've been extremely pleased. The service is excellent and the chicks are active and healthy! Thanks, McMurray! I will order again, no doubt. Arie
My pullets are approaching three months old and they have been healthy and happy since day one. I am raising them on organic feed, which is a bit costly, but it's my family that will be eating the eggs from them. They are the most friendly chickens I have ever seen. I can't feed them without two or three landing upon my shoulders! All I can say is" thanks" and you will hear from me when I get the big coop built in the spring.
Just recieved my chicks this evening. The postmaster made the effort to deliver them after hours. All of them in happy, healthy condition. Thanks, McMurray.
I just got my Brown egg layers this morning. They are healthy and happy! I was so worried because I didn't get them until the third day, but very early thank goodness! We can't wait to find out just what kinds we got! They are wonderful and all the staff there are the BEST! Thanks so much!!
Just got our "Brown Egg Layers" this morning from the post office. Got 'em home and in the refrigerator box with water and feed. I know I ordered chicks but these things turned into fuzzy pigs right in front of my eyes. Do they come up for air?!?!? We are now the happy keepers of up 3 Dark Cornish, 3 Buff Orphingtons, 3 New Hampshire Reds, 3 Turkens, 2 Sussex, 3 Light Brahmas, 1 Black Astralorps, and the mystery chicken is a White Crested Black Polish. All are healthy, quick and extremely curious. Thanks for the chicks!!!
I have ordered from McMurray for a several years now and will not order chicks from anywhere else. I always know what to expect and have never been disappointed.
I ordered 25 pullets and a starting run of white leghorns. They arrived good and healthy and a lot quicker than I thought. Thanks.
I have ordered From McMurray for 3 years now and will contiue to order from them.
I recently received 50 brown egg layers. Every chick was healthy and happy, and they are doing great (2) weeks into their arrival. Every order I make with McMurray (and I have made many), is met with exceptional quality and happiness. Keep up the great work! ps: I can't wait until spring arrives to order a dozen geese!
I just received my first order of chicks by mail ever from you. (Brown egg layers and a free exotic chick) They all arrived happy and energetic and drank water and started to pick at thier chick starter right away. Thank you for such healthy birds! I'll order from you again some day when I need more.
our baby chicks are a month old now and doing great. I got a great selection and plan to get more in the future. Thanks for the fine chickens!
These are wonderful birds and I really enjoy them. They are like pets and lay large brown eggs. I got many of breeds from this package. Thank you so much Muray McMurray Hatchery.
This was our 2nd order from Murray's. Our chicks always arrive healthy and grow wonderfully. Our first order was comprised of Cornish X Rocks and Leghorns (9 weeks old and thriving). This time around we wanted a variety so went with the brown combo. We were not dissapointed! Our chicks arrived today, and the variety is outstanding. My little girls can't wait to watch them grow.
LOVED our Brown Egg Layer Assortment we got in March. They were all healthy, all survived and are beautiful specimens. Thanks to your hatchery for a job well done. WE LOVE OUR ASSORTMENT!!!
All 26 chicks arrived as promised and very perky. They are 2 weeks old now and are doing fine. I will order again soon, Thank You ! Jim W
The chicks we ordered are growing so fast and are so fun to watch. They have such awesome personalities and actually come running to us. They arrived in great condition and very energetic. This company has awesome customer service. This is our first time raising chickens and they have been sooooo helpful. Thank You McMurray Hatchery!
Our chicks arrived safely one week ago, and are thriving! This is our first time raising birds, and we've gotten so many helpful hints from the catalog and website for keeping them happy and healthy. My daughters are looking forward to showing them in the fair - especially "Ugly Betty," the Turken! She's so adorable - she's become everyone's favorite. (Next time I'll order a few extra Turkens).
My chicks arrived today all healthy and lively. I love it when they peep all the way home from the post office! This is my first time ordering the variety and I loved opening the box and seeing all kinds of different chicks. I can hardly wait for them to grow up! Thank you for such a great product!
I received your chicks about 6 weeks ago. They have been the most friendly and inquisitive critters ever. I have introduced them to their new digs outside, and they are just hysterical to watch. I'm looking forward to watching their antics. They are a great little flock. I will probably order the rainbow layers in the next couple of years to replace these as they age. Thanks again!
My chicks arrived on Easter Sunday, all alive and healthy. They are just adorable, and we are looking forward to having fun with them. Thank You!!!
Our chicks arrived yesterday. They were all in great shape and full of energy. The kids have already named some, and it's great family time just watching them scurry around.
Wonderful selection of healthy vibrant chicks. All arrived alive and have thrived with the simple tips supplied by McMurray. I also ordered some Meat birds (Cornish X) and they too are thriving... They are almost twice the size of the other chicks at 10 days out. Thanks again McMurray, and I will be ordering more Cornish in the fall!
WOW!!! I just received my order of brown egg layers and all arrived well. It is so much fun trying to decide what kind they are. Everyone one of them arrived healthy and full of energy. Thank You. Beautiful, fun group of baby chicks.
WOW....My Brown Egg Layers Special chicks are now a week old. They arrived healthy, alert, peeping, and just waiting for their first drink. They are just thriving! I am am barnyard chicken raiser..and they are all pets. This group of hens are phenomenal. This was my first time of ordering chicks instead of purchasing locally from the feed store. Thank you Murray McMurray Hatchery as it has been a wonderful experience and we will be ordering from you in the future.
Last summer I moved to a home that I could finally have chickens and I ordered the Brown egg layers and I am so thrilled with the assortment and health. I am looking forward to finding eggs one of these days, although it is still early.
All the chicks arrived vigorous, alert and healthy and are growing extraordinarily well. I like the mix of breeds. It is fun to watch them grow and figure out what they are. This is a great way to try out some different breeds. I love the "rare chick"- don't yet know what breed it is but we have several guesses from friends and neighbors.
Our brown egg layers are wonderfull! They came in happy and healthy a month ago and are growing fast.It is such a thrill to sit on our porch and watch them run around the pen. I can't say enough about them! We are telling everyone to order from your hatchery.Thank you so much!
Received my healthy, adorable chicks in excellent condition. A-1 customer service, products and website!! Linda McNamara, Backus, MN
Thank you for the prompt arrivial of the baby chicks. I recommend this company to any one who wants to order any birds. We will be placing our order for Phesants in a couple of weeks.
Thanks McMurray Hatchery for my lovely chickens! They are beautiful! I think they are worth more than I paid. I am 9 and these are my first chickens. I asked for them for Christmas. What a GREAT Christmas gift. I love your website, catalog, and mostly your chickens! Thank you, Zane Vickers Wichita, KS
Our post office called at 6 AM today that our chicks were there. We brought them home and all 100 arrived alive and cheeping. They are doing great in the brooder now, and there is a great variety of breeds in the assortment. We will order from you again! We are very pleased with your service.
This is the fourth year I have ordered from Murray McMurray and I am always very pleased with my chicks. I have created a wonderfully diverse collection of breeds and I am really enjoying my flock. I get lots of eggs and lots of request to sell the chickens for eating but I love them so much I just cannot let them go.
I have been extremely pleased with the quality of birds, and assortment included in my order. All birds recieved were top quality, large, hungry and healthy! When ordering from other hatcheries, I would generally recieve some 'unthrifty' chicks, but not with your hatchery! Thank you, and I look forward to many future orders! -Melissa, Richmond IL
All our chicks arrived healthy and full of energy. I am really impressed with the quality and variety of chicks. Our extension agent even commented on the excellent breeding used at the hatchery to produce the good lines of fowl after seeing our chicks.
Oh My Gosh...ABSOLUTELY DARLING. These chicks are so cute! All arrived alive and well. Our children are hsving a ball! Thanks so much, McMurry Hatchery! The Grassell Family
I love surprises, so I ordered the mixed brown egg layers. My chicks arrived healthy, happy and adorable, and I'm looking forward to watching them grow up and discovering what I have.
We are sooooo happy with our order of Brown egg layers. The chicks arrived in great shape and all are doing well.We`ll be ordering next year, and can`t wait for the spring.
All of the chicks arrived alive, and full of energy! Thank you for taking such good care of our animals!
I have never had chickens before so I ordered this assortment.I love the different breeds!I started getting eggs in 5 1/2 months. Even the pullet eggs were good size! They are laying every day now. I recomend your hatchery to anyone wanting to start a healthy productive flock.
I was very happy with the assortment of birds. I got healthy alert chicks.I had turken,wht rocks,dark cornish,wyandotes,red stars. Can't wait for the eggs to start rolling in.Dawn EastmanFenwick, MI
I order my chicks from you every year and they are great! I usually can't decide which ones to get so I order the brown egg layer assortment. It is a good variety of chicks and that way I can tell which breeds I do well with, but they are all very colorful and beautiful to see and seem to be good laying hens. Thanks again! Robyn Kellett