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Commercial Egg Layer Bargain
Catalog Number Description 50 100 How Many
COLP Females 50 for $131.50 now $107.00 100 for $263.00 now $209.00 Sold Out
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Availability Display below is for the next several hatches. This breed is available for future dates. You can pick the date during the check out process. Green: available. Blue: limited availability. Red: not available.

We are offering you a real deal on these chicks. On the dates indicated, you will be able to buy these white egg layers, the Pearl-White Leghorn, at a reduced price in lots of  50 chicks only. The quantities are limited and these will be sold on a first-come/first-serve basis.These are all hens and are our very best white egg layers. If you are after maximum production of white eggs with the most efficient feed conversion ration, then this is your ticket.




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Customer Product Reviews
Received chicks in great condition at the post office. They are eating like mad growing quickly. 10 days in already flying out of chick box. Never thought they would be so entertaining to watch. Tre, Ace, Dot, Vickie, Gia, Gurdy are some of the names we have given them. Araucaunas are sweet tempered and some like to be picked up and petted. Cant wait for eggs. Thanks, Tim
I ordered 30 Cornish X and 25 Pearl White Leghorns, my order was shipped and a day later we had very cold weather in Virginia, in the mid teens. When the chicks arrived in four days I had to fight my way to the post office in 8 inches of snow. Twenty or more of the chicks arrived dead, within 24 hours only 10 were living. I called McMurray and explained my loss. They agreed to ship replacement chicks. When it looked like bad weather was headed our way again McMurray called me and we agreed to hold the shipment until the weather cleared up. My chicks arrived several days later full of life and all doing well. I wish to thank McMurray for the attention it paid to my order.
I ordered 30 chicks, Leghorns, Black Stars and Red Stars, like in September and the hens started laying eggs at 4.5 months old and right now June they are laying the biggest eggs I ever seen. They lay a lot of eggs every day and I sell them. I highly recommend McMurray Hatchery for obtaining the best poultry there is. Thanks McMurray for your service. Jesus Hernandez in Palm Springs, California
I ordered 20 Pearl White Leghorn pullets last spring. They were all healthy and Wow what egg Layers they are. I have been ordering chicks from Murray MacMurray since the 1962 and they have never had anything but the Best Product !
We have been buying from McMurray hatchery for several years now, and we always recieve great quality chickens. We look forward to ordering again next Spring.
I recieved 25 of these last spring and have been very happy with them. They are good egg layers of nice sized white eggs. Are very easy going chickens have really enjoyed them.
What a way to start a new year, with our yearly order of the Commercial Egg Layer Bargin. I am always pleased on how fast,safe,and healthy these birds are. We truly appreciate this hatchery and all who works for them. Being a farm manager myself, I know it takes time and dedication to get the job done, you guys have exceeded that goal. Thanks Again for all you help and business, Nathan Terrel Terrel Farms manager "Growing at the Speed of Business"
Your chickens are the best white egg layers I've ever raised! Yesterday I got a double yolk from my big hen! Thank You!
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with these chickens. They are egg laying machines, I would reccommend them to anybody, and I also reccommend your hatchery to everybody. Thanks James
I ordered 25 of these fine chickens, got them April 9th 2002 , and they started laying at 4 1/2 months . They lay every day , I am so pleased with this breed that I just ordered another shipment . Thank you , James Terrell