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Coops, Pens, Cages and Fencing
For more information about different types of chicken housing, please see our chicken housing page, which discusses chicken coops, pens, chicken tractors, and range shelters.
Peck and Play
This free standing enclosure allows you to take your chickens anywhere so they can friendly range within the grass while staying protected and accounted for.
Premium+ Chick N Cabin
Premium+Chick N Cabin
pet cottage
Gronomics Pet Cottage

100% Western red ceder chicken coop.   Measures 45" x 45" by 48"

Premium+ Chick N Villa
Premium+ Chick N Villa
Churchill Coop with Run
 CLIFTON COOPS are computer designed and precision manufactured housing systems to provide the ideal environment for your hens.
Premium+ Chick N Lodge
The Clifton Coops
Churchill Coop 6-10 hens
Premium+ Univarsal Nest Box
Premium+Universal Chick N Nest
Winscombe Coop with Run
Premium+ Chick N Barn
Premium+ Chick N Barn
The Winscombe Coop
Winscobe Chicken coop 3-6 hens
Premium+ Chick N Pen
Premium+Chick N Pen
Perfect for the back yard flock! Hinged roof and front panel for easy access and cleaning; arrives Ready-to-Assemble needing only a screw driver. This hutch also features wind guards, rear egg access door, pull pan, and coated ½” x 1” floor wire.
Predator Preventer Alarm system
Predator Preventer
Poultry Layer Cage

Protect your birds at night. NITE GUARD is a solar powered (no batteries needed ever) flashing, red light that, when positioned correctly, will repel night animals that could harm your livestock or your gardens.

Start And Grow Unit
(Brooder plus two expanded Grow-off pens.) This unit is designed for people with limited space. Approximately 48 day old chicks fit in the brooder, which comes complete with base stand, heat and 3 throughs for feed and water

Poultry and Game Bird Brooder and Grow-Off Battery
This stackable battery includes one brooder, two Grow-Off units, and Base Stand with swivel castors. The battery is constructed of heavy gauge aluminum for a lifetime of use.

Poultry and Game Bird Brooder
This is a predator resistant unit constructed of heavy gauge aluminum with a sold locking hinged lid.

Pet Lodge Cage

McMurray's Coop Controller
McMurray's own Coop Controller will open the door in the morning and close the door at night. No programming required. Our controller senses the sunrise and sunset to control the door position.
rugged ranch
Welded Wire Pen
Great Safe Chicken Run       
The Eglu GO Coop
Eglu GO 2-4 Hen Coop Yellow, Red,or Green
chicken hutch
Wood Hutch for Welded Wire Pen
Great coop for 3-9 birds.
Premium+ Chick N House
Premium+Chick N House
mobile run
Mobile Chicken Run
Complete mobile chicken run with nesting boxes.