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Flying Mallard
2014 Delivery Dates
Catalog Number Description 1-14 15-29 30-44 45 or more How Many
FMDC Males $6.63 $6.35 $6.15 $6.10
FMDP Females $7.13 $6.85 $6.65 $6.60
FMDS Straight Run $5.25 $4.98 $4.78 $4.73
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Availability Display below is for the next several hatches. This breed is available for future dates. You can pick the date during the check out process. Green: available. Blue: limited availability. Red: not available.

What a treat it is to see these brightly colored ducks winging about your yard. The color pattern is the same as Rouens but Mallards are much smaller and the meat has a gamey taste not found in domestic ducks.

LEG TAPE:  If your birds were sexed and identified with colored tape, the tape can be removed upon receipt, or it will fall off within 14 days.

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Customer Product Reviews
We were very pleased with our order of Flying Mallard ducks! This is our second time ordering these as they are just such a great duck to have around the yard! All of the babies arrived healthy and cute within only 2 days of being shipped! We ordered 25 and received 26! They sent an extra which was fantastic! I completely recommend the flying mallard for your yard! Such a beautiful bird to watch fly and forage around the yard! They also are great mothers and layers of beautiful green eggs! We can't wait to watch this batch grow up just like the others! Thank you Murray McMurray Hatchery for such a great addition to the family!
Awesome customer service. Unfortunately the first order was delayed in transit, but the great people at McMurray sent replacements. Received them today, everyone is doing great. Waiting for the weather to cooperate and get the pond ready.
I bought some flying mallard ducks for an 87 year man. We received them today and they were all healthy and active. He was so very happy to get the ducks. He loves Flying Mallard ducks. He loves to watch them fly.
I have ordered two diffrent batches of ducklings from you guys. I can't say enough about how great your service was. Both batches of ducklings were healthy and arrived in a timely manner. I was shocked to see that on my most recent order I ordered 16 flying mallards, and I was given an extra duckling. Thank you!
Beautiful ducks. We love watching them flying and swimming.
When I got my Mallards last spring, I was amazed at how fast and how heathy they were. I made $490 at the ribbon auction. I'm staying with McMurry Hatchery. Thanks a 100.
My wife and I enjoyed raising these beautiful birds this past summer (2010). We were surprised to hear that our neighbors were overcome with grasshoppers destroying their gardens, when we were grasshopper free. I wondered what those ducks were always after... They eventually became prolific flyers and flew the coop. We hope a few make it through the winter and return to the farm as we miss their aerial acrobatics and dramatic landings.
I recieved my 3rd order of mallards last week. All are health and growing. All orders have been recieved with no problems and on time. The last two groups are now a year old and laying eggs like mad.
I purchased Some flying mallards in the fall of 2010 and I am very pleased on how they turned out. They have flown and circled my pond but have stayed through the winter, and the hens are great mothers and have already hatched ducklings out.
My grandpa gave me some of your guys' mallards, and I LOVE them. They swim gracefully, and as far as I can recall they haven't missed a day of laying!
I've been completely satisfied with your chicks. We have ordered several Rare Breeds and they've turned out to be gorgeous birds. My siblings and I would like to congratulate you on some fine livestock...Thank You! - Olivia Sultenfuss, MD
My yard was chosen from the National Wildlife Association as a safe haven habitat for domestic and wild birds. I have trusted in the quality of Murray McMurray's birds for years. It's a beautiful thing to see great healthy ducks and geese fly above knowing you started with the best. Thanks Murray McMurray. Bil Howle
These ducks are very pretty and grow up very fast as young.
I purchased my Mallards in April of 2003 and I cannot begin to tell you of the pleasure they have brought us. We thought they would leave when fall came but they have never left. We did not train them: they trained us. We built them a great duck home and when it is bedtime they know the way. Thanks again. I recommend Flying Mallards 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just a quick e-mail to compliment you on the quality and health of your mallard ducklings. AAAA+ Good job!
Mallard ducks are very pretty and are easy to take care of ducks. The meat is awesome.
I loved the product! Yhe birds were healthy, and the meat was great!