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Special Assorted Bargain
2014 Delivery Dates
Catalog Number Description 15 25 50 100 How Many
SPAS Straight Run 15 for $32.25 25 for $49.25 50 for $92.50 100 for $173.00
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Availability Display below is for the next several hatches. This breed is available for future dates. You can pick the date during the check out process. Green: available. Blue: limited availability. Red: not available.
We have over 60 different purebred standard varieties of baby chicks each hatch. It is never possible to estimate exactly how many of each there will be or to book specific breed orders for all of them in advance. Therefore, we offer this SPECIAL ASSORTED BARGAIN in order to use up all of the extras and odd lots. These are not culls or seconds, but all first grade chicks with the same safe arrival and livability guarantees as on all of our chicks. This may include the most different kinds of any assortment we offer: some rare or even rarest of rare breeds, some popular well known breeds, some heavy breeds, some light breeds. It will include straight run chicks. Here’s a great chance to get a lot of different kinds and at a bargain price.
As a reminder, to help ensure a safe arrival to you, the minimum number of chicks for each order prior to April 1st is 25. On and after April 1st, the minimum number of chicks required is 15. You can mix and match any type of baby chick in your order to reach the applicable chick minimum order. If ordering any bantams, we require a minimum of 15 bantams per order.
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Customer Product Reviews
Ok got my babies today , i am so excited .. I opened the box and saw all the different colors.. I am only sure of 1 kind and that's a Barred Rock ... I ordered 25 + my freebie. Got 27 all together .. They are all doing great .. Thank you McMurray . I will be ordering again...
I ordered a total of 20 chicks and got the free mystery chick. All arrived at my house the day after they shipped, and are in amazing shape. I will always buy from you guys from now on.
We just got our 25 chicks, they are all amazing and in great health, we are excited to watch them grow. Thank you so much Murray McMurray Hatchery.
We have just gotten our baby chicks home and all of my children are just tickled pink. We love the assortment and cannot wait to figure out what types we received. They all arrived healthy and happy. Thank you so much Murray McMurray and be assured that we will be ordering more from you in the future. Two very happy thumbs up!
I just wanted to say that I love my new 25 baby chicks...... They were all alive and doing well. Also thank you for sending a couple extra and a rare one. I will defiantly order from you again Loving customer Tristin S
We just picked our special assorted chicks up from the post office this morning, All chicks are eating/drinking and very healthy. :) not to mention adorable. We are all super excited to see them grow and figure out which breeds they are. Thank you!!! We will be return customers:) Mellany & family- Michigan
Great Chicks, looks like a good selection! Thank You!
I fell in love! These are the most adorable creatures ever!I am at work and it is torture - I want to be home with those baby chicks! Thank you Murray McMurray!
We recieved our chicks this morning and I immediately fell in love!!!! They are all wonderful and all very easy going and great to hold.... These chicks are absolutely perfect for our family!
I just got my 50 chicks in good health. They are very nice. Thank you Murray McMurray Hatchery.
Got our special assorted chix (25+1 rare) during the week of June 20th along with our 4 Blue Swedish ducks and now as we're coming up on week 6 they are all healthy and very active. It sure is fun watching them all both for us humans as for our dogs. From what we have observed it appears as we've got some Crested Polish, Hamburgs, Red Star, Modern BB Red Games, White Rocks, White Laced Red Cornish, a Black Australorp and a Partridge Cochin. In a near future I'd like to add some Single Comb Brown Leghorns to our flock. Thank you McMurray!
My assortment arrived better than ever. I had Barred Rocks, Polish, Cornish, and Rhode Island Reds. Thanks so much, Mcmurray --John
This has to be one of the coolist things I ever did. Trying to figure out what breed each chick is was/is very entertaining and enjoyable for both my wife and I. They are now 7 weeks old and have not lost a chick. Firm believer in Grow-Gel Plus.
Baby chickens arrived early this morning all safe and sound! They all look to be in great shape. Can't wait to figure out what breeds the chicks are. :)
My chicks arrived safely and securely. It will be fun trying to identify the chick breeds with my 5 children. The package arrived at the Post Office on a Sunday morning, the postal service called me just before church, and now the postal worker wants to order chicks. Thanks, and I'm looking forward to breakfast once again as my older chickens are stoved up....
We got our 125 chicks this morning with a few extras. We were surprized when we opened the box; all the little things are colorful. We got a few tophats, which my 4 sons love. They think they're cool with the puff on top. We are still trying to figure out what all breeds we got. THANK you for making this a spring/summer to remember for my sons. We will be ordering this bargain again soon. THANKS again, McMurray for a job well done, Eric Gibson, Claypool, IN
We are loving our babies. They are growing fast and they are just what we were looking for to add some color and beauty to our chickens. My girls just love to hold and play with them making them great pets for their little "egg business". Thank you so much we will be buying again later.
I bought 25 special assorted chicks, and got one rare breed chick free, and they all arrived 40 hours after hatching, and all are doing great. These are my first birds, and most definitely won't be my last! At three weeks old, they are getting smarter and eat practically anything. They can almost eat their own weight in chick starter every day. I built a covered pen 4' x 8', and put them in it today, and they had a blast with grass and bugs aplenty. I'm keeping them in at night until I get a proper coop built for them, so the racoons wont enjoy free chickens. I would recommend this assortment for anyone who wants quality for their farmyard. Next on my list: guineas!
I now understand why your website is overflowing with positive customer reviews! Our chicks arrived in excellent, healthy condition and began eating and drinking immediately. In fact, we have decided that they are little "piglets with wings"! I can't believe that in my sixty years, I didn't avail myself of the pleasure of having chickens. I think every child in this country should have this experience! The wonders of nature are truly awe-inspiring and chickens from your wonderful hatchery personify the amazing world in which we live!
I just recieved my chickies this morning, and I am so pleased with them! The cottonball headed friends are my favorite, what a pleasant surprise :). They are all so healthy and happy and arrived in perfect condition.
Our first batch of peeps arrived in near perfect health. They began eating drinking immediately and have been the picture of health. We have not lost a single bird as of day 5. I just placed another order to arrive in June! Thanks for being good at this!
Thank you for my first chicks I love them I got them yesterday morning I can't believe how many different colors they are and how alert they are.
I am so pleased with my chicks. Im 13 and never had 'em before, but I love them. They're so cute, not to mention friendly. Not one chick died on the way here. Thank you McMurray Hatchery!
Our baby chicks arrived this morning and they all looked good and were ready to eat and drink. They are so cute. Thank you McMurray for my beautiful babies.
I received my chicks on Sunday and there is quite the assortment. There are so many different kinds. They are very lively and all ready getting mature feathers. Thank you so much for your friendly service and your great chickens
We just got our 50 Assorted Baby chicks today. They arrived in wonderful shape and were eager to eat and drink right away. Thanks for providing our first animals for our newly purchased Farm. We look forward to many years of business with you!
My chicks are now 3 weeks old and what a selection! I'm still not sure what breeds a few of them are, but they're very energetic! Since they feathered their wings I can hardly keep them in the brooder! I was expecially happy to realize that I received a Blue Andalusian and an Egyptian Fayoumis. My friends are in awe over the blue and green legs and feet! Thanks McMurry!
I love my chickies. They are the cutest thing I have ever seen. I have never had chickens before and am delighted they all made the trip happy and healthy. Yeah!!! Manuela Tucson,AZ
We received our order of chicks yesterday, and an order of 10 goslings this morning. All were well, active and hungry! Our whole family is into this farm project, including our two shelties! They, of course, have claimed all of them as their own babies to care for. How exciting! We are all so very well pleased with your service and products! Thank you so very much.
Hi, I just received my chicks today and they are in A ++ shape. Looking forward to another order soon. Thanks Steve
Hi, my Special Assortment chicks are now just over two weeks old and doing great. We are still trying to figure out what types of birds we will end up with and that is half the fun, the other half is just watching their chick antics. Thank you for a wonderful first experience with raising chicks.
I would like to thank you for wonderful service and on time delivery of my baby chicks. Thanks Jacob
Hi! I just recieved my chicks this morning. Thank you for such a wonderful assortment. All of them made out well on their trip, and they're adorable. Again, thank you so much. Happy customer, Lorri Lanier