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Turkens - Naked Necks
2014 Delivery Dates
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TURC Males $2.21 $1.96 $1.88 $1.65 $1.58 $1.55
TURP Females $3.40 $3.15 $3.08 $3.00 $2.94 $2.91
TURS Straight Run $2.93 $2.68 $2.63 $2.61 $2.56 $2.54
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Quick Stats
Type: standard
Class: Production
Egg Color: brown
Egg Size: large
Egg Production: excellent
Meat Production: excellent
more here
Heat Tolerance: good
Cold Tolerance: excellent
Disposition: better
Weeks to Maturity: 20
Freerange: better
Skin Color: yellow
Comb Type: single
Likely to sit on eggs: extremely likely
Bird Size: extra large
Exotic: no
Leg Style: clean
Head Style: regular
Male Mature Weight: 8.5 lbs
Female Mature Weight: 6.5 lbs
ALBC Priority: study
Half chicken and half turkey? No, the Turken is all chicken but unique because of its turkey-like bare neck, less than normal feathering around the breast, under the wings, and around the vent. In spite of the feather shortage, Turkens stand cold weather very well, are good layers of brown eggs, and grow to 6 pounds or more, making a fine eating bird. The hens are also good setters. The origin of this breed is uncertain but more recent development in Eastern Europe gave them the name Transylvanian Naked Necks. They are now standardized for show in White, Black, Buff, and Red. We have purposely kept our Turken flocks mixed in color (including silver) for a more colorful and distinctive offspring. Baby chicks hatch with bare necks and are easily identified.
As a reminder, to help ensure a safe arrival to you, the minimum number of chicks for each order prior to April 1st is 25. On and after April 1st, the minimum number of chicks required is 15. You can mix and match any type of baby chick in your order to reach the applicable chick minimum order. If ordering any bantams, we require a minimum of 15 bantams per order.
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Customer Product Reviews
I absolutely LOVE this breed, they have the best attitude of any of my chickens. My boy moe is one of a kind, he still runs and jumps on my lap, like he did when he was a chick :)
We ordered fifteen Turkens from Murray McMurray , all arrived happy and healthy . We would definitely recommend this hatchery . And hope to be ordering more next year . Austin and Meghan Mitchell
I have 60 Turkens and love their personality, egg size, and meat yield. My daughter picked one at the feed store 2 years ago and I fell in love with everything about them at that time. I'll let you know more as they mature to breeding stock.
I received my order of Turkens and the free was a crested rooster. All are fantastic birds. They are spoiled. They come to my glass door and peck for me to feed them meal worms. I cannot imagine any other breed for my flock. Thanks.
This past June I ordered the 15 Brown Egg Layer mix hoping to get anything but Turkens in my batch of chicks. Surprise - I find 6 mixed-color Turkens! Well the jokes on me, as they immediately became my favorite birds, and now they're turning into egg-laying machines with very large eggs that are often double-yokers. Each has its own distinct personality and all are calm and friendly to people and their flock mates. Thanks a million McMurray, for the unexpected pleasures of these unique birds!
My Turken chicks arrived happy, healthy and very quickly. Great job once again, Mc Murray! I received 1 turken as a part of a mixed assortment several years ago from McMurray she was an absolute joy. I wanted chickens for fresh brown eggs at the time. That Turken (Molly) became a favorite family pet instead. Although she was a fantastic layer in her youth she lived on with us, following us around the farm more like a dog than a bird for many years. Even following the bailer, pecking at bugs. I have since found that Turkens are just that way. Curious and trusting they bond quickly and easily with their humans and enjoy our company. Because of my Molly, I feel in love, completely with this silly looking breed. I also got used to answering, "What happened to that chickens neck?!" from friends and neighbors. Friendly, calm, easy to handle, hardy in both heat and cold the hens keep laying well. I'd highly recommend this breed to anyone looking for a good layers ,pretty much daily from about 4 mo old, and easy keepers.
product review I added a female Turken to our order a couple weeks ago just for fun. I had never seen this breed before. She is just the sweetest little girl! At 2 weeks old she is already my favorite and our 1 year old bursts into laughter every time he sees her too!
I have raised chickens for many years and always thought the Turkens were ugly so I didn't ever raise them. Last year was the first time I raised a couple for the flock. They get the most comments of all my birds, good layers even in the cold and when checking under them in the nests, never peck at you. Mine are good natured and get along well with the others. I highly recommend as the lay almost everyday.
My Lucy lays big brown eggs every single day. Don't hesitate if you are thinking getting this bird!!!!
This is by far my favorite breed. I think they are so pretty in there own way and I have a hen that always goes broody 1-2 times every summer. Also, McMurrays Naked Neck roosters are huge, great for meat.
I've tried at least 10 different breeds over the years and they have all been successful for the most part, but the Turkens are exceptional. They are dependable layers of large eggs, few if any attitude problems, hardy in the Texas heat (drought) and cold. Really sweet birds.
The roosters really have a lot of meat on them and they are very easy to pluck by hand, too. The hen that we received is named Lucy and I'm sure she will lay plenty of beautiful eggs for us. She is pretty sweet, too. Thanks!
Thank you McMurray for great birds. My Turkens are by far my favorite breed personality wise. They are sooo sweet and loving. Also they are my first breed to lay eggs! I bought Silver Laced Wyandottes, Turkens and Easter eggers. These girls started producing eggs last month at the age of 4 months old! They are such a joy.
I was so unsure when I got chickens with no feathers on their necks, but now they are 5-1/2 months old and are so nice. They raise extremely well up her in the cold weather of Wisconsin. Not to mention, their neck skin is so soft.
I am a first time Turken owner. Several friends said I was nuts to get a Turken because they're so mean and ugly. Well she is the sweetest, follows me around. Actually the best natured one so far. I've since ordered more Turkens. They're awesome!
We recieved two Turken chicks in our Brown Egg Layer package. At first I wasn't too sure about their looks, but they have turned out to be the friendliest chickens and were the first of all the breeds to lay at 18 weeks. They lay very regularly and we couldn't be happier!
I just want to add a plug for Turkens. I'd received a couple of these ugly critters as my extra free bird. They are not much to look at, but they lay the biggest brown eggs I've ever seen. I maintained a few through crossing with Buff Orpingtons, and the egg characteristics persisted. If you are looking to produce an XXL brown egg (duck egg cartons required) try one or two of these birds.
I allowed myself many months of studying and researching before placing my order which arrived the first week of April. I am a first time chicken owner and cannot believe how fun and rewarding they are already. The babies seem to grow between the time I leave for work in the morning and the time I come home. All 27 arrived very healthy and are thriving today!! The best fun is trying to figure out the breed of the freebie!! We ordered 5 Turkens in our mix. I love them. My daughter has claimed them as hers. This is going to be a great family project and we couldn't have done it with out you at Murray McMurray!! Thanks so much.
I ordered seven Turkens, and they arrived safe and healthy. They are the best birds I could ever have. Thanks for my chicks!!!
I got some Turkens from you a year ago, having had one in a mixed batch earlier. They are the sweetest natured birds ever. They want to be petted. My friends cannot believe how friendly they are, and they are great egg layers. (I had Rhode Island Reds before, and they were just plain mean.) The Turkens even come when I call them!!
Living in the deep south, our concerns aren't so much for winter, as the heat in summer. We've kept Turkens for 7 years now. They tolerate the extreme heat in summer, and do well in winter. We now have a beautiful Turken rooster, from our order in 2009. He is a wonderful rooster - looks after the chickens and is friendly, never mean. We love this breed!
I have one Turken left after a nasty weasel attack on my rainbow layer collection during their adolescence. This bird just seems smart. Certainly settled, unperturbed but stern when gathering eggs. I'll order more soon.
I received 5 turkens in my brown egg layer assortment, and the turkens have become my favorite just based on their talkative, sweet personalities. They are dependable layers of large brown eggs, and at 8 months of age, the 5 turkens are laying 4-5 eggs per day. They are huge birds by the way, and so cute, even my husband likes them.
I have ordered many birds from you, and by far the Turkens are the most wonderful pets yet. They are so mellow and fun to watch. The females give me extra large brown eggs almost everyday. I am going to order 50 next time just so my friends can have some of the great eggs. Thank you.
we ordered three of these and still have two. They are wonderful. Thanks so much. I recommend these.
This is the best breed of chicken. I have never had a mean turken. They are very friendly and lays pretty good. I will always have turkens in my flock.
I bought 50 turkens in 2008 from you and now this year in 2010 I ordered 10 more and getting ready to order more.... These are my favorite chicken breed yet. They are friendly chickens and beautiful.
I recieved a "naked neck" as my freebie when I ordered my RIR's. "Simon" is cute as can be. He is certainly a conversation piece when people visit the farm. He reminds me of a miniature ostrich! Thank you for sending him as the free chick. I couldn't have asked for a cuter rooster!
Thank you for this informative page. I recently hatched a batch of eggs and one of these little darlings was in the hatch. I never knew it was an actual breed.
People thought there was something wrong with my "oddity" Naked-neck. Boy are they surprised when they find out it's an actuall breed. I bought 1 as a novelty a couple years ago, and does she lay! Last year I ordered 5 more and they turned out to be the hardiest of the chicks in the batch! Thanx for the entertainment and educational tool in chicken breeds! I love them!
Our male Turken was the free chick you gave us in February 2001, he is now so big, heavy and tall, in good health and strong. An intelligent bird with a big character. We enjoy him so much. Thank you to gave us the opportunity to meet this breed full of qualities with this nice surprise. Truly. JohanneSainte-Adele, Quebec