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Weekly Special

Featured Items

The excitement of a new product, a special announcement or perhaps some great savings, all of these can be included in our Featured Items page.  We hope you enjoy!

Bantam Sale!!!

For every assortment of 25 chicks you buy, we will guarantee a minimum of 5 different breeds. (Please do not request individual breeds, as we cannot guarantee to include or omit specific breeds from the above list.) All chicks will be our choice of breeds but your beautiful assortment will become the 'flower garden of the poultry world' and the envy of your friends and neighbors.

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Quick control with residual protection
Multi-purpose: for indoor, outdoor, fogging, turf and ornamental, on animal and mosquito misting applications, golf courses, vegetables, fruit trees (both bearing and non-bearing), pasture and range, nursery and greenhouse
Contains natural essential plant oils with fresh scent

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Hanging Corner Feeder

Works great for supplemental uses like feeding shells or grit. Space-saving corner design with built-in hooks for hanging in hutch or coop. Sturdy galvanized steel has rolled edges for safety.

4" by 4" by 6"

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Check out some of these other wonderful items on sale now!

$4.99   Now $3.99

Don't let your hens get bored - keep them (and yourself) entertained by putting this Treat Ball filled with greens in the coop!  Hang it up and watch and listen to the hens thank you!

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$29.99 Now $23.99

The GRADE A EGG SCALE is an egg scale/grader for small farm or home use.

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$92.45  Now $73.99

Ever think about hatching your own eggs?  Now you can with one of our most popular incubators on sale!

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$49.99   Now Only $29.99

The Essential Starter Kit gives you the equipment you will need to brood your newly hatched chicks.  Time is running out on this wonderful price of only $29.99!

If you are getting newly hatched chickens in the future, this is the kit you need - at a great price!

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Chickens in Five Minutes a Day $13.99   Hen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance $9.47
The Duck Commander Family $16.99   Farm and Smallholder Fencing $17.81
Happy Happy Happy $19.99   British Large Fowl $10.36
Folks, This Ain't Normal $12.99   Making Mobile Hen Houses $12.22
Once Upon a Flock $17.99   Best Hens for You $7.71
Book of Bantams $8.50   Hens in the Garden Eggs in the Kitchen $8.54
Crested Bantams $5.20   Whizbang Garden Cart $8.50
Japanese Bantams $6.40   Starting & Running Your Own Small Farm Business $8.98
Backyard Livestock $9.47   Choosing & Raising Chickens $11.79
A Guide to Raising Dairy Goats $8.58   Modern Partridge Farming $10.90
A Guide to Raising Turkeys 3rd edition $13.95   Keeping Chickens by Michael Hatcher $8.77
Swan Breeding and Management $5.95   The Homesteading Handbook $12.99
Mini-Barn Plans $7.00   Reinventing The Chicken Coop $16.95
Ostrich, Emu, Rhea $17.00   Baby Farm Animals-Lift the Flap book $10.99
Day Range Poultry $12.00   Keep Chickens $7.78
Building Chicken Coops $2.49      


Poultry in Motion Music CD

If you love chickens you are going to love this new music cd! With 14 songs singing stories and accolades to various chickens and other fowl, Poultry in Motion will have you whistling your new favorite tunes while you go about your day.

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Murray's Best Show Kit

Show your fancy fowl while it looks it\92s best with the Murray\92s Best Show Kit!

Our show kit features everything you will need to get the judges\92 attention and have you, or your chicken that is, be the talk of the poultry show at your upcoming fair!

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Turf Nest Pad

This American made product is made to withstand years of use. Made of the finest quality turf grass this nest pad has a one year manufacturer warranty. Measures 12x12 inches. This pad is so soft you have to feel it to believe it.

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Gronomics Chicken Coop

Gronomics Chicken Coop Pet Cottage is handcrafted in the USA and offers tool-free assembly. Constructed of 100% Western Red Cedar, it has the rustic appeal of an old barn. The roof is made of a very high tech, lightweight corrugated poly used in high end greenhouses. The planked flooring allows easy access - so the coop maintenance is easy; simply remove planked flooring, and ramp and use a garden hose to rinse off.

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Wire Pen

This wire pen is made to last. Keep your chickens safe. Easily moved with two people with chickens inside! Add the chicken hutch (5RRH) for a complete setup. 7' by 8' by 4' height this is a great place for up to 10+ birds.

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Mobile Chicken Run

Great for Summer! Move your chickens through the yard without fear from predators. Solid welded wire construction. Three nesting boxes and perches hold up to nine birds at a time. 42" by 96" by 42" high. 2" by 2" welded wire mess.

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Chicken Health for Dummies

Everyone can own chickens and this book will certainly help you along the way!

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Pearl White Leghorn Started Pullet Sale

The Pearl While Leghorn is our very best white egg layer. Now you can get our Pearl White Leghorn Started Pullets for just $9.99 while supplies last!

Fully Vaccinated, Pasture Raised and approximately 15-24 weeks old when we ship them to you! You will have eggs much faster with our Starter Pullets compared to when you buy newly hatched chicks.

Don't wait, this special price is only while supplies last!

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Get your order for baby chicks and other poultry in today!