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Essentria Insecticide Concentrate

Quick control with residual protection.  Multi-purpose: for indoor, outdoor, fogging, turf and ornamental, on animal and mosquito misting applications, golf courses, vegetables, fruit trees (both bearing and non-bearing), pasture and range, nursery and greenhouse.  Contains natural essential plant oils with fresh scent

Key Performance Benefits

  • -Fast knockdown and control of flying and crawling insects
  • -Safe and effective for indoor, outdoor, misting and fogging applications
  • -Labeled for turf and ornamental, on animal, mosquito misting applications, golf courses, vegetables, fruit trees (both bearing and non-bearing), pasture and range, nursery and greenhouse
  • -An excellent choice for sensitive accounts, commercial and residential interior applications, schools, nursing homes, and other institutional accounts because of the natural essential oils and the light, fresh scent
  • -No aquatic setback requirements  for use near or over open water
  • -National Organics Program (NOP) Compliant

Unique Mode of Action: Essentria All Purpose Insecticide Concentrate uses Octopamine BlockerSM Technology which provides fast knockdown and control across a broad spectrum of flying and crawling insects. The essential oils that comprise the active ingredients in Essentria products work by disrupting the neurotransmitter function in target insects. In invertebrates, with their simpler nervous systems, a multi-functional chemical known as Octopamine handles many of these functions. By targeting Octopamine receptors, these essential oils provide insecticidal activity with a much wider margin of safety than other products. Because vertebrates, like birds, fish, dogs, and people don t have Octopamine receptors, they are not affected by this unique mode of action.

Sensitive Accounts: Because All Purpose Insecticide Concentrate is based on botanical actives and is a 25(b) minimum risk insecticide, it does not require a re-entry period, making it perfect for treating accounts with a lot of human activity such as schools, day care facilities, institutional, and commercial establishments. All Purpose Insecticide Concentrate can also be used in many areas where efficacy cannot be compromised and treatments must be made in the most chemically sensitive way possible. Zoos, animal clinics, educational facilities, government buildings, healthcare facilities, and interior treatments of residential accounts are a few examples of such sites. Food processing facilities also directly benefit because All Purpose Insecticide Concentrate applications can be performed while the facility is in operation.

National Organic Program (NOP): Essentria All Purpose Insecticide Concentrate is NOP compliant which makes it the product of choice for operators everywhere who are treating organic facilities of all types. Organic facilities include; food processing plants, restaurants, retail establishments, livestock housing, dairy production, and agricultural installments such as crops, pastures, ranges, and greenhouses.

No Aquatic Setback Requirements: Essentria All Purpose Insecticide Concentrate has no aquatic toxicity; therefore, applications may be made near or over open water. This allows for the mitigation of spiders around boat docks and marinas. This also allows for thorough mosquito abatement treatments in areas where foliage runs adjacent to and over bodies of water.

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Essentria Insecticide Concentrate