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Frequently Asked Questions

What does McMurray Hatchery think about the National Animal Identification System?(NAIS)
Murray McMurray Hatchery - by all means - is concerned about the effect the animal identification legislation will have on our customers.

We understand the difficulty the Agriculture Department is having in trying to initiate this program. They have dropped the idea of having a national system by 2009. It is not feasible to do in that amount of time. They have also dropped plans to start a single privately held database where all farm data would be held. Instead they plan to allow state and privately managed databases to develop - over time. They have turned the responsibility of issuing premise ID numbers over to the states. The states have only had about 10 percent participation through that registration. All of this shows there is tremendous opposition to this program and how very difficult it will be to initiate, regulate, finalize, and enforce.

Without knowing specifics as to exactly what is proposed in all 50 states and how things are going to be done in those states, Murray McMurray Hatchery is opposed to the mandatory participation in this program and has expressed such to our congressional members. We feel it will have an undue hardship on our customers, the small farmers and hobbyist throughout this country.