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Topic: what chickens do well in Texas weather (2 messages)

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what chickens do well in Texas weather (2 messages)
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I have some 40 chickens here in Texas and I need to now what breeds do well in the Texas weather I have sufficient space feed water and birds we receive 3 dozen eggs but it has been hot this summer and short of putting fans and misters in a 40 x 40 coop with same size run I would rather invest $$ for chickens that will produce here in Texas I have white leghorns barred rocks and rode island reds and americanas
10/22/2015 7:35 AM report abuse

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Retired Marine and Carpenter. Setting up to breed Dominiques on a limited basis. Developing, designing and building inexpensive but effective coop designs for backyard flock raising.
My understanding of plants and animals is that over time they will adapt to the climate they reside in and that adaption will be passed on to future generations. If that is true I would recommend purchasing your chickens locally. I bought barred rocks locally at a feed store that I believe came from a Texas supplier. They started laying in the August Heat with no problem that I could see. I think Dominiques and Rocks may be the two most adaptable breeds but that is based on folklore about the breeds being bred for hard times and cold weather up North initially. That is my two cents. The Dominiques I bought from up North should start laying shortly so I can't compare the two for this purpose as the weather has cooled a little. I am on the Gulf Coast of Texas Below Galveston.
10/22/2015 4:59 PM report abuse