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Topic: Oyster Shell (2 messages)

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Oyster Shell (2 messages)
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What is the best way to offer Oyster shell to the hens? Mix with food? If so how much? I have about 34 hens. Hanging feeders are kept full of pellet food. They are given three large scoops of scratch grains daily in a large pen. They are eating /breaking some eggs. I have some ceramic eggs in the nests. Any suggestions would be helpful.
11/25/2015 7:07 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
You can either offer it in a separate container, or mix in with their feed. Personally, I mix a couple scoops with every bag of feed. They pick through and get what the need. But I would suggest cutting back on the amount of scratch. It is more of a fattener and can cause a nutritional imbalance from their regular diet.
12/4/2015 12:42 PM report abuse