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Topic: Chickens just won't lay! (5 messages)

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Chickens just won't lay! (5 messages)
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I bought some pullets last year from MM and at this point they are 17 mths old. Out of 4 pullets,one (Americana) I'm pretty sure has never laid. Another one (RIR) I'm not sure if she has ever laid or not. But all together,the four haven't laid in 5-6 months. They all took a long time to start laying to begin with and when they did lay,they were consistant. Then for some reason they all just stopped. I brought in some new chickens a few months ago from a reliable source and they have laid,no problem. One has molted and one became broody but they got over it and started laying again. Nothing from my original ones.
The chickens are free range on 2 acres and cooped at night. I feed crumbles (they seem to prefer it over pellets with less waste)mixed 6-1 with scratch. They have numerous water spots throughout the yard. They have oyster shells in the coop and I clean the coop daily of waste. So I'm not sure what is going on but I'm getting ready to "clean house" and start over cause I don't like feeding them and they not producing.
Does anyone have any advice on what I need to be doing differently?
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You say they are free ranged. Is there any chance that the hens are laying away from the house. Some chickens like to hide their nest.
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If they are,they are hiding it real good. I've followed them and searched all the places they go. When they did lay,they layed in the coop so I assumed they would continue to do that. A few times,a chicken has gone into the coop,acted like she was laying and then left with her laying cackle and I was right there to egg. After 6 months or so with no eggs from any of my chickens,I figure something is wrong, either with diet,environment or the chicken itself. I've also been able to watch and I don't have any egg eaters or varmints getting into the coop stealing eggs. It's just flat out the chickens aren't laying.
12/8/2015 4:29 AM report abuse
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I would confine the suspected non-layers for a week and confirm they are not simply hiding the eggs somewhere outside the coop and they are being eaten by something that is enjoying the free daily meal.
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Extreme Western Oregon
One thing you could try - Check the color of their vents. If they are very yellow colored where the eggs pop out, they are simply not laying. Often, its environmental when this occurs: I have had a flock of 25 chickens go dormant when the cold and darkness, set it. To break them of that, I added a light that turns on about 6 am and stays on until 7:30, then turns back on in the evening at 4:30 and runs till 7:30. This turned them around.
Another possibility would be mites: Check beneath their wings at night, and see if they are being attacked by those darn things, as that will also upset the apple (egg) cart. Hope that helps.
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