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Topic: My Exotic Rooster (6 messages)

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My Exotic Rooster (6 messages)
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Score: 4
I live in Idaho and we are under a couple of feet of snow. All 17 of my girls are very hardy and love the weather. The one exotic was a rooster who can't stand the cold and I don't know what kind he is... He is filthy because of the Vaseline I put on his comb which got Frostbite. What is he so I can take some precautions for him?
12/15/2015 1:05 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
He is a blue andalusian.
1/15/2016 9:24 AM report abuse
Score: 4
You say it is a Blue Andalusian but I have also received a post that said he is a
Splash Maran. I have looked the Splash up and their are many different options for the color and some of the Splash Maran Roosters I have found look exactly like him. Vivian Evans Splash Maran is one I have found. My Rooster doesn't have any feathers on his legs either. Now I am confused again.
1/16/2016 5:05 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
Marans are a larger framed bird, and would have red earlobes. This bird is skinny with longer legs and appears to have white earlobes (white egg laying breeds have white earlobes). If you got him from us, there is no way it could be a splash maran as we do not hatch that breed.
1/18/2016 8:13 AM report abuse
Score: 4
Super... I got him from you last summer and now I know for sure what he is.... Blue Andalusian. Thank you so much
1/18/2016 9:05 AM report abuse
Score: 0
He is a real beauty!
3/2/2016 7:16 PM report abuse