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Topic: Black Copper Marans (3 messages)

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Black Copper Marans (3 messages)
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I would like to know if Murray McMurray has any plans to stock Black Copper Marans in the near future and if any other buyers are interested in this breed. Please feel free to comment.
1/29/2016 7:24 AM report abuse
Ryant of R
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I just bought 2 french black copper marans from a nice lady that is really into egg color. Her maran rooster is breeding with a white Americauna to produce olive colored eggs. I'm really excited about these chicks and the welsummers that I bought from her as well.
Post edited by Ryant of R 3/28/2016 5:12 AM
3/28/2016 4:27 AM report abuse
Score: 1
That's cool Ryant. Good luck with that. I love BC Marans chocolate eggs. The olive eggs will be cool too. Maybe someday Murray will add these to their assortment.
3/29/2016 7:40 AM report abuse