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Topic: bare spots , disease? (2 messages)

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bare spots , disease? (2 messages)
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Cayuga duck, not quite a year old has about a 2" bare spot on her back. Her neck fur is thin too but I did see antoher duck peck a little at her yesterday. Also, the feathers were found in her night house. Don't know if I should be concerned. Do you think it's a disease or condition? Does this happen from time to time.

Nothing has changed in the amount or type of ducks and housing. No new ducks or changed environment. She's been laying too. Not every day but 4 times a week anyway.

Any ideas?

2/5/2016 6:21 AM report abuse
Score: 2
I have noticed when the {Drakes) Male ducks mate with the females they are always pulling feathers out of the females trying to hang on to them. So we have had many a female duck be almost bald on top and some pulled out from her back trying to get away. But use to have a much worse problem when we bought got half breed ducklings from the fair. The purebreds from McMurray are much more respectable acting, thank goodness. But it still sometimes happens. Or it could be a pecking order thing. Just a couple of my thoughts.
8/18/2019 10:17 AM report abuse