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Topic: Please help identify Charlie Red! (4 messages)

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Please help identify Charlie Red! (4 messages)
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Charlie Red found my yard in June 2015. For three months she lived totally free, roosting in my tree. I tamed her, and bought her a "mansion," haha! She was very young.

Over the past couple of weeks she has laid three eggs which are a very lightly tinted white. They look white unless you place them next to a store bought white.

She has green legs. I can't tell if her ears are brown or tipped with white?

Does she have a rose or pea comb?

I've been told by some that she looks like a game bird?

Can anyone help me identify Charlie Red?
2/13/2016 10:51 AM report abuse
Score: 3
Possibly an Easter Egger as the green legs indicate that and even though she lays a whitish egg, she probably is a mix of EE and something else. It looks like her ear lobes are not white, so my guess is an EE.
3/7/2016 10:40 AM report abuse
Score: 4
Your Charlie Red is a game hen. I may not know much about all the breeds but I had one just like her with grey legs . Her sister was brindle with yellow legs. Coon got both of them till I bought a live trap. I caught 5 coons one winter and one bobcat. Had to start over again.
6/24/2016 10:08 PM report abuse
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I also think it may be a EE. My rare breed chick is a EE rooster. He has green legs and a similar body style.
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9/11/2016 3:12 PM report abuse