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Topic: Grit for Chicks (7 messages)

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Grit for Chicks (7 messages)
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I read on the this forum this morning that chicks should be introduced to Chick Grit at 3 or so days old, so I ran out this morning and bought Manna Pro Small Chick Grit and they've been going at it. On the bag, it says to give grit at 2 Weeks. My chicks arrived last Friday (2/19/16), so I'm hoping I haven't given it to them too soon.
2/26/2016 10:48 AM report abuse
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Karen, I've been giving my chicks grit usually at2-3 weeks, but this last batch of fifty I started at 3 days and they're almost 2 weeks and doing fine. Don't worry,everything will be find. Pat
2/27/2016 8:20 PM report abuse
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I never buy grit. I just go out in the yard and brush up some sandy dirt. Works great. Builds their immune systems.
3/2/2016 11:59 PM report abuse
Score: 13
Hi I was told chick formulated feed was made so no grit is needed? I do not believe that? It says on the bag to provide grit? What is the consensus on this alot of people believe that story on the feed. :-)
3/5/2016 3:10 PM report abuse
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when I feed formulated crumbles or pellets I have never fed grit and have never had a problem....the gizzards are much smaller without grit though. If I am feeding grains I then start adding grit
3/6/2016 8:42 AM report abuse
Score: 13
Thanx i never know wheither. To give grit or not. When pacjage says give it and otheres say not my chickens free range when they are old enough so i will not wory about it till about eight weeks then give a bit so they can be prepared for foraging. I did notice larger gizzards in my CX meat birds when i gave grit i wondered about that but did not think of the grit.sometimes i did not give a group grit and when i did on next group i noticed.
3/6/2016 9:20 AM report abuse
Score: 0
I kind of use a rule that if they are eating grains as a main diet they need grit in the gizzard to break down the grains...that being said if they are free ranging they are likely getting enough grit as sand and pebbles while they are scrounging. if the diet is primarily pellets or crumble they do not need the grit in the gizzard to break down the food and so i don't bother giving it. when in doubt giving grit would never be harmful.
3/6/2016 10:53 AM report abuse