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Topic: Sumatras (1 messages)

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Sumatras (1 messages)
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I am going to leave a message here and will also post in review.

My latest order included two sexed trios (6 birds) of Sumatras and they are shipped with larger birds which is a death sentence for them. They are simply too small to be added to an order of anything but Bantams.

I did make request they be reclassified for shipping purposes or at least restricted from interacting with white egg and brown egg layers after spending 48 hours attempting to nurse them back to health with Pancake syrup and water every 4 hours. If I had not had to be gone today for 7 hours three of my 6 may have made it as they would perk up nicely every four hours.

Murray McMurray was very nice about issuing credit, but I honestly wished they had not had any problems at all.
3/4/2016 1:55 PM report abuse