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Topic: Length of shipping (2 messages)

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Length of shipping (2 messages)
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I was curious to know how long did it take for you fellow Hawaii McMurray customers to receive your chicks at your neighborhood post office? As you all know, packages usually get here a day or two later than initially stated. I'm anxious to know that the post office is good at keeping to their schedule in getting the chicks to me safe and sound. Basically looking for some reassurance. Mahalo in advance!
3/8/2016 3:02 AM report abuse
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Wanted to update this post and provide information and feedback for possible first timers from Hawaii.

I've had the chicks for 1 week now and they're going on ten days old. Chicks were shipped on Monday (4/11) and arrived two days later on Wednesday (4/13). As with any first timer, I was worried and unsure on how these newborns would cope with the 4000 mile trip from Iowa to Hawaii. I am happy to say that my chicks are doing well and arrived here in excellent condition. I did have one chick that was DOA. Considering the distance they travelled I was surprised, pleased and relieved that all but one made it to their new home. A home that is half a continent and an ocean away to say the least. I reported my loss and the customer service associate was sincere in apologizing and credited my account for future use. Awesome customer service!

When placing my order I did take precautions and chose a date when the weather was warmer. I also consulted a calendar and made sure there were no holidays that would interfere with the USPS delivery schedule. I paid close attention (almost religiously) to the waeather in the Midwest. As the shipping day approached and I noticed the weather was going to be on the cooler side (mid-high 40's) I did contact the hatchery and asked to include a heat pack (1) with my chicks. I'm glad I did! I really think that heat pack helped them stay comfortable throughout the trip. The packaging the birds came in was also great!

I'm enjoying seeing my little flock grow and can't wait to get some fresh eggs!

So if you're a first timer, from Hawaii and want to order, I highly recommend McMurray Hatchery! High quality birds and customer service! I will 100% order from them in the future!
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