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Topic: Chickens Fowl & Vegitarian Pets LOVE KALE (2 messages)

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Chickens Fowl & Vegitarian Pets LOVE KALE (2 messages)
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In the process of cutting grasses and taking parts of some leafy vegetables to feed to the chickens I found they absolutely Love KALE. I now buy kale in very big bags from WalMart (for over winter)and cut it a bit smaller to be healthy treats. Only costs under $3.00 a bag. Have started plants for an in-home supply this year. Also I buy grit (comes in differing sizes) from the feed store which they need to grind up all that roughage.
3/16/2016 8:09 AM report abuse
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Northfield, MN
We gave our flock a toy by hanging a head of cabbage from a wire they pick at it and chase it like a tether ball .79 cents for two day they love it stopped them from picking on our little buff laced polish too
5/12/2016 9:13 PM report abuse
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