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Topic: Shipping to Alaska (2 messages)

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Shipping to Alaska (2 messages)
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I received my first order from Murray McMurray last week. I ordered 33 and they shipped 35. Unfortunately they got delayed in Seattle for at least 36 hours (I tracked the package) so 14 died out of the 35. It is only a 2 hour flight from Seattle to my town in Southeast Alaska, and there are multiple flights every day so there is no excuse for the Post Office or the airport to hold onto my birds for so long. In this case I do not think Murray McMurray did anything wrong, especially since they shipped the chicks on a Monday and they made it to Seattle in 24 hours. The birds that survived are very happy and healthy and I am excited to raise them in my flock. We got multiple breeds including Light Brahmas, Silver-laced Wyandottes, Silver-spangled Hamburgs, Partridge Rocks, Golden Campines, Brown Leghorns, Buff Minorcas, and Turkens. The Columbian Wyandottes and Golden-penciled Hamburgs all died on the trip here, so maybe they are weaker breeds? I expected the Columbian Wyandottes to be tough.
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I should mention that Murray McMurray has fantastic customer service. We could easily adjust our order before it got here and they were very quick to get us our refund on the chick losses. Thank you Murray McMurray!
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