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Topic: Help.... (3 messages)

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Help.... (3 messages)
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I am a newbie and this is my second hatch. First hatch was a complete dud. Humidity was 30-40 days 1-18 for first hatch and I was told it should be around 50% ... This second hatch I kept it at 50...

I am on day 21 and I think my air cells are too small.. But I see movement in several eggs... For days 19-21 bator has been at 70% based on directions in a different forum... Is there a way to save the eggs and increase the air cell this late in the game?

I can remove the sponge and the water??
Will that help?
3/28/2016 6:26 PM report abuse
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Hatching your own eggs can be a wonderful treat but also a horrible adventure. Having humidity is important but not as important as constant temperature. A drafty area or faulty equipment could be devastating to any hatch. Having a controlled area that can stay at 99.5 (on the top and bottom of icubator)is best. Also turning the eggs every few hours is a must. If you don't have an automatic turner this proves a difficult task. As the heat and humidity is lost every time the lid is opened. The turning prevents the little ones from sticking to the shell. The humidity is important for there air bubble (we'll call it) inside the egg. If this dries out to quick it there yolk will dry and not be able to be used for there food to develop. So before you decide you could incubate think if you should and what's best for the little chickens to be.
6/6/2016 10:55 AM report abuse
Score: 3
Seen lots of info videos on youtube as well. Make sure eggs you are picking to incubate are quality, not a long time before starting incubating, don't clean till immediately before loading in incubator. Getting them ready to hatch is almost as important as time in incubator. Also the last week humidity should be just a touch higher.
8/5/2016 3:55 PM report abuse