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Topic: Docile bantam recommendations (2 messages)

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Docile bantam recommendations (2 messages)
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Hi! Pls help pick out a kid friendly docile breed for a newby. One white and one brown egg layer. I would prefer no furry feet since I heard it gets too messy. Must tolerate hot climate! TIA
4/5/2016 1:29 AM report abuse
Score: 7
My suggestion would be the white headed black polish. Even the full size birds are small and gentle. The roosters from any breed may occasionally be somewhat aggressive but my polish birds have been the more, consistently gentle of many breeds I have raised. If I were real concerned I would only get females. They do sometimes get startled if you come at them quickly from the rear or side but have never been aggressive to my family.
9/28/2016 3:09 PM report abuse