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Topic: Incorporating two sets of chickens (6 messages)

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Incorporating two sets of chickens (6 messages)
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Score: 8
I'm a first time chicken owner! I have four 18ish week pullets coming on May 8th. I have three Buff Orpingtons that I bought as chicks that will be 6 weeks old when the others arrive. Can I put them all in the coop together so they can become one flock? Do I have to separate them? I just want to do it all correctly so they can become one flock and not have any problems, pecking or deaths. :(
Thank you
4/19/2016 1:53 AM report abuse

Score: 4
I've grouped different age chick's before sometimes they get along sometimes they don't if you do put them together just keep an eye on them for bullying
4/21/2016 11:31 AM report abuse
Score: 8
Thank you. I will keep an eye on them. Hopefully all will go well.
4/21/2016 12:47 PM report abuse
Score: 8
The four new older chickens (about 18 -20 weeks) came two days ago and they started establishing a pecking order after a few hours and my 6 week old chickens stayed off to the side but then tried to join the other four. The newly established alpha chicken pecked the younger chicken and drew blood. Decided to separate them with a temporary fence and a new smaller coop until they are bigger and can hold their own. It will be nice to have an extra smaller coop in case there is a sick chicken or I get more chicks at some point.
5/13/2016 1:09 AM report abuse
Score: 15
When you are going to put different ages of poultry together, you need to divide the area with chicken wire, fencing, etc. for a couple of weeks so that they can get used to seeing each other. Take the divider out at night when it's close to roosting time and they should get along fine.
7/5/2016 11:29 AM report abuse
Score: 8
Thank you for your input. I separated the Buffs with chicken fencing until they were 15 weeks and during this past week they have integrated the flock and hold their own now that they are a lot bigger. The "look but don't touch" method worked very well.
7/9/2016 12:30 AM report abuse