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Topic: Very first order (6 messages)

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Very first order (6 messages)
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Score: 5
Just brought my three juvenile girls home from the Post Office (right on time.). They are beautiful, healthy-looking, and lively! One even laid an egg on the journey. Thank you!
p.s. The USPS has a wonderful tracking system, and my local PO was more than happy to call me right away - I had let them know I was expecting the delivery.
4/20/2016 12:36 PM report abuse
Score: 3
Similar experience. All went very well. All made it through shipping very well aside from the obvious stress it must have been for them. Understandable.
And the buff went into coop and laid an egg within two hours so cool.
4/28/2016 9:29 AM report abuse
Score: 1
Post deleted by Wenstar 7/13/2016 8:34 PM 7/4/2016 3:46 PM report abuse
Score: 15
Regarding any losses, please call 1-800-456-3280 and we will be happy to assist you. We do have a care page under FAQ's - Chick Care - What do we do now? Also, the chick grit should be lightly sprinkled on their feed after the third day, like you would salt or pepper your food.
7/5/2016 9:52 AM report abuse
Score: 1
I called the number and the lady on the phone at Murry McMurry was very friendly and very nice. Excellent service. Exceed our expectations. We received replacement order of 17 chicks yesterday. This time all the chicks look like healthy and energetic. We are very happy about your advice and service. We really appreciate your kind help.
7/13/2016 8:49 PM report abuse
Score: 1
Hi! I just received my first order yesterday. Sadly, my exotic arrived deceased and today we lost my one little girl who arrived lethargic, in spite of lots of hand feeding and close body contact to keep her warm. The remaining 16 (which is still plenty for me!) seem very energetic and fiesty and seem to be great eaters and drinkers, so my husband keeps telling me to relax, they will be fine. He's never raised chicks this young, so I'd love some reassurance from someone who has done this before. Thanks!
7/16/2016 2:06 AM report abuse