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Topic: Bumblefoot (3 messages)

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Bumblefoot (3 messages)
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I read there was an antibiotic you could give your chickens for Bumblefoot. I read that it is caused by a virus. Is that true?
4/22/2016 6:35 PM report abuse
Score: 1
No. It is usually bacterial and responds well to course of penicillin. It is usually caused by dirty or wet bedding or the lack of proper roosts. John
5/9/2016 7:48 PM report abuse
Score: 5
Thanks for your reply... There
Have to be other extenuating circumstances that cause BF. The coup has clean shavings once per week. Their run has also been cleaned frequently and their roosts are 2x4s. We put straw down when the snow was melting and when rains came. She has been to the vet 3x and I check her and soak her and remove cheesie stuff when it swells up. She is my only one with BF. What do I do now?
5/10/2016 1:24 PM report abuse