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Topic: New chicks dying one by one (11 messages)

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New chicks dying one by one (11 messages)
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My shipment of 26 birds has been slowly dying off since they arrived! The become lethargic, stop being able to stay upright, begin gasping for air (with or without foam in their mouths) and then die!
I'm past my 48 hours of health guarantee but they seemed to have sick birds among them from the moment I opened the box.
I've lost 7 now....
What can I do????
4/30/2016 8:48 PM report abuse
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I had 6 die on me they related to the flight and then two after the guarantee. They refunded my cost on 6 and claimed it was due to flight, however, I find it strange they were all of the same shape color markings and size, except for one. I feed mine some electrolyte mix from feed store in their water and I mixed it a pinch more than recommended, leaving fresh mix every morning for 3 days. and they all did well since first week of April until today. The strangest thing has happened. One of My bitty's neck is curled up as if broken, yet he tries to straighten it up. It's like a cramp or something. Was searching the Internet to see what could cause this symptom. (It's fat and looks healthy.) No food in craw though.
Hope you can save yours with the electrolytes.
Post edited by JUNEL 5/7/2016 12:32 AM
5/6/2016 3:00 PM report abuse
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We received 15 Speckled Sussex plus the free whatever bird on a Thursday, and lost 5 by Saturday. 2 of them drowned in the waterer. We moved the rest to an incubator on Friday night, and took the waterer away from them. We are just putting water in a large shallow lid and changing it often. Remaining 10 I thought might make it, although 2 looked "iffy". Not sure if this is normal for their Speckled Sussex chicks--We had them set up with a hanging heat lamp, etc. and have not had this problem in the past. Usually we only lose 2 or 3 out of 15. This batch however has been a problem.
UPDATE--as of today, 5/23/16, we are down to 8. That means we have lost half. I cannot even say that all remaining 8 will make it. We have been giving them special food for newly hatched baby birds because the baby chick crumbles did not seem to keep them alive. And we have put the water additive in religiously, and change the water several times a day. This batch just doesn't seem to want to live. Lot of money out to just end up with a couple birds. Would have been far cheaper to just go to the local farm supply and buy baby birds.
5/23/2016 7:25 PM report abuse
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We got a shipment of 16 chicks Tuesday (5-25-2016). We got a mixture of Barred Rocks and Speckled Sussex, along with a feather footed exotic chick. Saturday we found a dead Sussex, and today many more of the Sussex have labored breathing and are tipping forward. I'm afraid we're going to lose them. So far the Barred Rocks seem to be doing fine.
5/29/2016 9:52 PM report abuse
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I have been buying form McMurray for years and this year we have had great losses of sick birds. They always refund the losses, but we have had alot of runts, crooked beakers, seizure chicks, and slow to grow. We have lost about 25 chicks at their 2 week old mark.I am suspecting something is up with the hatcheries they are using.
6/4/2016 7:23 AM report abuse
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I'm having the same problem. 4 were doa. 2 more died within the hour. It's been less than 24 hrs. And I've lost 1/3 of my baby's. And they can't stand up, keep falling over. Not eating or drinking. I have my 30 chicks in a 300 gallon Rubbermaid tub all disinfected everything new and clean and they are just very lethargic and dying off by the hour I've lost one third within the first 24 hours and they. none of them really don't look well. I thought it was the stress of shipping. 3 days and I let the usps know they were coming. They stated over the phone Priority Mail could be 3 to 5 days I was told when i went to the local post office they held my Birds because other birds were coming out this way and they wanted to just make one trip so my birds set somewhere for about 10 hours. The tracking was good for the first 10 hrs. Then nothing til the post office called me Friday morning. Everything was set up ahead of time waiting for their arrival and still, I did the peak dip, I have 1 freshwater one electrolyte water and one sugar water they are just not doing well it was really too much of a shock I believe on their system but from what I'm reading other people are having the same problem very lethargic Birds just not the will to survive. I will be calling customer service on Monday morning. I'm sure mcmurry will do right by me.
6/4/2016 9:21 PM report abuse
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Update:well it was a crying hard night. None of my prayers were answered. Out of 30 chicks ordered I now have 3 left. And they don't look good. Laying on their side's gasping for air, not eating or drinking. I've gone to other sights and it seems to be a wide spread problem. Most mention mcmurry by name others nation no names of hatchery. But the mcmurry ones all refer to mcmurry customer service understanding and offering total replacement. I'm concerned about a replacement at this time. If there is a condition that mcmurry is not aware of. Granted my birds could of walked to my and got here faster, thank you usps... but still dying after 34 hrs. In a brooder heat lamp. Clean water multi times a day. Clean feed. I'm still feeding the outside barn birds this crumble stuff they were raised on. And never lost one. And these I bought from my local farm feed store. So it's not the enviorenment. Or bad feed or poor air. Yes the tub I'd in my l icing room DH is somewhat understand of me and my birds. I have been rsi sing birds for many yes rd now and have purchased from mcmurry in the past, NEVER HAS THIS HAPPENRD BEFORE. Over the years my family have purchased birds from many different hatcherys, and ultimately stuck with mcmurry. I have followed in my families footsteps, I know mcmurry will guide me when I call them on Monday morning. I just hated to see my babies suffer and die and not being able to do anything for them. Just to sit and hold afew as they took their last gasps of air.
Post edited by JACKIE3 6/16/2016 6:38 PM
6/5/2016 12:07 PM report abuse
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I received 12 Speckled Sussex and 6 Jersey Giant baby chicks. Got them on Friday June 3, 2016. I lost one on June 4 and another today June 5. Very distressing seeing them die one by one.
Post edited by GAILG 6/5/2016 6:46 PM
6/5/2016 6:44 PM report abuse
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This is most unfortunate and absolutely heart breaking to hear. I can only say the first 3 days of life for chicks are extremely important. 3 to 5 days for shipping that's sending yourself dead birds. We have ordered lots of chicks from here and hatched hundreds ourselves(chickens and ducks). This effort of countless hours and many birds later comes to one conclusion, the first 3 days. Even with all the care from day 1 we still lose chicks vaccines or not. Most large Hatcheries don't send sick birds. They take extreme measures to keep facilities clean or there birds would get sick and die. I can't stress enough when ordering birds they must arrive in 2 to 3 days or its not worth even trying. You would be better off buying your local backyard mix.
6/6/2016 10:39 AM report abuse
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UPDATE: well I did call mcmurry on Monday told them about the shipping that took 4 days. And my local postmaster telling me they had other live animals coming out this wAY and just wanted to make one trip. Hog wash!!
Well mcmurry replaced my order. Sent Me a tracking number and i was in the phone all night. And it paid off. First i got two very understanding people at 2 different postal facilities. One gave me phone numbers right to the shipping docks. The girl on the shipping dock have me get cell number walked thru the sorting station. Found my birds and personally put them into the next truck out. I got this shipment of birds from mcmurrys hatchery into my brooder in 33.5 HOURS. All it took was alots of phone calls. And understanding postal workers that DID their jobs well! I did loose two in transit. But I know it's a loss but the first order out of 35 chicks 3 survived. Thank you mcmurry. The ducks shop next week.
6/16/2016 6:56 PM report abuse
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I'm so glad to hear this news. MMH is the best. They have a fine selection of quality birds and are always there to provide information and help. Enjoy your chicks. Thanks again MMH
6/16/2016 7:41 PM report abuse