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Topic: Free rare exotic chicken (4 messages)

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Free rare exotic chicken (4 messages)
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Score: 1
So the free rare exotic chicken is it genderized or anything like that? Also does it say the breed type when you get it?
5/1/2016 11:14 PM report abuse
Score: 4
It was a surprise.. And it was a straight run meaning you got what you get. For a while I thought my chick was a rooster then I thought it was a hen. So, confused I named it Brucie. Then named her Kaitlin but finally had to change it back to Bruce. I had no idea what he was exactly but sent a "help" to McMurry and got my answer...
He is a Blue Andalusian. Beautiful....
5/2/2016 8:54 AM report abuse
Score: 0
Post deleted by KEVIN 7/5/2016 9:33 AM 5/2/2016 3:08 PM report abuse

Score: 42
Survived our first winter in Montana. Girls did well even when it got to -22.
They don't tell you what that free chick is. That is some of the surprise and fun. You get to figure it out. The vast majority I've heard about are males. I think it's because the free chick comes from bins of chicks that are left over. Most of the female chicks sell. My free rare chick was a Buff Laced Polish cockerel. He's now in solitary as this spring he suddenly got people aggressive. He can see the girls and socialize a bit through the mesh of his pen so he's not completely lonesome. I don't have to worry every time I turn my back on him. He's my grandson's rooster. When grandson comes to visit this summer he can decide Einstein's fate, whether to stay in solitary or become soup.
5/3/2016 7:38 PM report abuse