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You are Here: Home -> Forums -> General Discussion about Chickens -> Why the small egg?

Topic: Why the small egg? (2 messages)

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Why the small egg? (2 messages)
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Twice now in the last month we have a hen, or could be two different hens, have laid a much smaller than usual egg. We are way past the pullet stage and I'm just wondering why we are occasionally getting these small eggs.

Edit: wanted to post a comparison picture, but posting using my phone will not give me an option of adding a picture.
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Survived our first winter in Montana. Girls did well even when it got to -22.
Everyone gets odd eggs at times. The ones from the store are the perfect ones that the big chicken farm has sorted out and checked. They sell their not perfect eggs to other customers. I used to go to the chicken farm to buy their not so perfect eggs at big discount.

As long as your hens are eating well and look well I wouldn't worry too much about some small eggs.
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