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Topic: Sick chick care - first time hand raising (2 messages)

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Sick chick care - first time hand raising (2 messages)
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I just got chicks from this hatchery and one was wobbly yesterday, but seemed to eat and drink okay and I thought perked back up. They are under a heat lamp with places to go that are warmer and less warm and they all seemed to be happy. This morning, when I woke up, one looked half-dead. I've been giving her sugar water (with the Quick Chix, and some coconut water thrown in for good measure). She can take a little bit but then doesn't want anymore, and I tried giving her mash this last time and she threw it all up (I held her upside down to try to keep her from aspirating). She's doing a lot of sleeping. Really don't know what I'm doing, just going with my gut, and wondering if anybody has any advice. I did notice around her butt seemed like the feathers were stuck/hard (not poopy, though, I already had cleaned up everybody's pasty butt), so I washed it with warm water and a paper towel until I could see that everything was all clear. She protested at that (actually, this might be a he, my rooster wasn't marked), so she still has some spunk in her, and every once in awhile she'll jump up, totter around, then lay back down. She's in a shoe box inside the same bin as everybody else to keep them from running over her or pecking at her, and I have it positioned so there are warmer and cooler spots. Anyhow, if anybody has any advice....I feel like at this point I'll stick to the sugar/vitamin water in small, frequent doses so she'll keep it down. Has anybody dealt with this and their chick survived?
5/26/2016 3:28 PM report abuse
Farmer Girl 11
Score: 4
Did your chick live?
2/21/2018 1:18 PM report abuse