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Topic: americauna/easter eggers (2 messages)

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americauna/easter eggers (2 messages)
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Hi all. we ordered the americauna/aracauna mix and picked the chicks up from the post office today. all are healthy happy chicks as all of our murray mc murray chicks have been. question tho--the murray mcmurray description says they will lay a wide variety
of colored eggs (which is why we picked these) but I am confused as some of the comments and articles I've googled says true aracaunas and americaunas will only lay blue eggs. we actually prefer a wide range and dont care about which breed we got, but just want to call them by the right name. if murrary mcmurray says they will lay a wide variety of colors, are these actually easter eggers? we love our fuzzy butts just curious.
6/3/2016 9:53 AM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
We hatch the Ameraucanas. They lay different shades of blue, green and sometimes pink eggs.
7/8/2016 3:02 PM report abuse