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Topic: Return policy (3 messages)

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Return policy (3 messages)
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Can I return a less than 20 week old chicken if it's a male and I ordered females
6/30/2016 1:19 PM report abuse

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Survived our first winter in Montana. Girls did well even when it got to -22.
Sexing for chicks is only accurate about 90% of the time. No one can be right all the time and the hatcheries tell you that in advance. No hatchery will take back a chicken. Hatcheries must maintain a very closed system. Otherwise there would be too much of a chance of illnesses getting into the hatchery and killing their birds. Hatcheries do not take in random birds, even if they were hatched there as they could have been exposed to who knows what diseases. They do not allow tours of the hatchery as people can bring diseases into the hatchery on their shoes. Even tires of cars can bring in diseases.

I once tried to get a job at an egg farm. I was turned down because I owned a cockatiel. Potentially my bird could have or could get a disease that I could carry into the egg farm.

If you do not want the rooster you can try to rehome it.
7/4/2016 1:14 AM report abuse
Score: 15
You cannot return the chicken. Please call 1-800-456-3280 and we will be happy to assist you.
7/5/2016 11:16 AM report abuse