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Topic: Snakes in the Coop (4 messages)

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Snakes in the Coop (4 messages)
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Having an issue with chicken snakes in coop. We have killed 3 recently... Any good ideas about keeping them out?
7/7/2016 8:41 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
Snakes are hard to keep out since they can squeeze into small spaces.
7/8/2016 3:18 PM report abuse
Score: 10
Snakes and rodents are less of a problem if the coop is built to be 18 inches or more off the ground and tightly built. If like most of us, that is not possible for you, work to keep rodents under control and keep excess feed cleaned up at night. Use hanging feeders kept well off the floor when possible, with a rodent shield wider than the feeder on the hanging chain/cable above it. The snakes will eat rodents, eggs and if possible baby chicks. However, the snakes who have turned up in my coop over the years, usually only took at most a few eggs per week. They were more of a fright factor when one peered into a nest box and surprise!there they were! I catch them when possible sometimes using a homemade snake handling stick or snake noose on a pole, drop them in a heavy feed bag and remove them to the back of my farm. They take so little and are good rodent deterrents, I do not fret about them much! Just live and let live until it is easy to catch them unharmed. Please do not kill snakes! Better to get out of the chicken business than to destroy important wildlife species needlessly. If you only have a few chickens , I understand your reluctance to share eggs and the shock value when they surprise you. Check around with wildlife conservators and maybe you can locate someone to catch the snake for you. Kill them only as a desperate and sad final option! BTW, the chickens will readily eat many baby snakes!
9/29/2016 2:40 PM report abuse
Score: 1
Bird netting on outside of fence and around coop. If snake is big enough to eat chick or egg they will tangle themself in bird net. Do not hang tightly or too loose. You will have to free the snake or it will die. Also electric or solar fence is another safety. Snakes will run from electric vibes. And other rodents or poultry killers also will run from the shock. Hang about 1 in from ground and about 3 inches, again at 6in , a foot, then space a foot apart. Of course this method is for over another barrier. Because snakes and other animals dig to get under coop...Lay Rat wire or something they can't dig through about 3 foot in and out of coop under fencing and coop. My coops are 4 fences and chicken house. Those extra layers for safety proves alto of danger and problems.
Post edited by CAROL19 7/17/2017 1:57 PM
7/17/2017 1:54 PM report abuse
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