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Topic: Annoyed (3 messages)

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Annoyed (3 messages)
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One $17 for 3 day shipping is reaching exspecially when I asked post office and they said for the little box they came in 1 I was over charged by a lot and two they could of been over nighted for that price. Now two I have two dead chicks and do you think I could get ahold of your company oh heck no and you give 48 hrs after delivery of Wollstonecraft replace but your lines are only open from 8:30 to 4 central time. An even if you call at that time say at 3 it hangs up on you after repeating Murray McMurry 3 or 4 times. Squishing 16 baby chicks into a 9 3/4 by 8 1/4 box that slants to the top getting smaller is cruel and not nice. Very disappointed.
7/9/2016 1:27 PM report abuse
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Oh plus one of my chicks looks like its beak has been broke the top and bottom do not line up at all
7/9/2016 1:29 PM report abuse
Score: 7
Hello Sarah! Don't give up on Murray Mcmurray! I have been ordering chicks from them and elsewhere for over 40 years. No one else has reliably provided the diversity,the quality of breeding or delivery as well as they have! No shipper has control over the postal workers handling of the chicks. I have received boxes crushed and late full of dead chicks on a couple of occasions! despite me talking to the local postal branch office manager and several clerks, they have failed to notify me of receipt of my birds for two additional days once, that resulted in deaths of the majority of 26 birds delivered! MM has always offered me replacement birds or credit on my next order, even though it was no fault of their own negligence! My experience is that with any hatchery, 10-20% mortality upon delivery or shortly thereafter, is to be expected! I have had a couple occasions with 100% survival, even to maturity, but that is not to be expected from any delivery of new chicks! MM's pricing is realistic as well, for the quality of breeding, handling and packaging cost in this day and time and compares well with other reliable, large hatcheries. I never would of had the opportunity to experience so many breeds of chickens so successfully without Murray Mcmurray! Good luck and enjoy raising chickens!
9/29/2016 12:39 PM report abuse