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Topic: Please help me identify these girls! (4 messages)

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Please help me identify these girls! (4 messages)
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This year I got 15 Ornamental Layers and 15 Murray's Layers.

2 of them are a beautiful smoke grey color with darker grey heads, their feathers have darker grey outlines. They have grey legs with light toenails, single combs that are greyish, and grey beaks with yellow tips. Pink skin around the eyes. Both have grey and white earlobes.

1 other one has similar grey feathers, but has yellow/grey legs and cheek tufts and beard with a wide red single comb (it doesn't look like a pea comb), she is also getting bright copper feathers around her head and neck but not in her beared. Her skin around her eyes is grey/pink and her earlobes are dark grey.

The last girl is black with iridescent green tones, wing feathers with light tips, she also has the same wide red single comb, and cheek tufts and beard with white speckling in them. Her legs are black/yellow, and her beak is black with a yellow tip. Skin around her eyes is a black pink with black earlobes.

Please give me some ideas what these girls could be!
Thank you, Meg
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8/7/2016 10:20 PM report abuse
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I would have posted pics but couldn't figure out how!
8/7/2016 10:24 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
The first 2 sound like Blue Andalusians. They will lay white eggs. Your second bird is possibly an Ameraucana. The third one could be too. We only have a couple breeds that have the tufts and beards, and Ameraucanas come in all different colors and feather patterns.
8/8/2016 8:21 AM report abuse
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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was hoping you would agree about the Amercaunas. I was at a loss on the other two!

Thank you again, Murray McMurray

?? Meg
8/8/2016 3:04 PM report abuse