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Topic: Jumbo Cornish Chicks (2 messages)

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Jumbo Cornish Chicks (2 messages)
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I have had my Jumbo Cornish Chicks for 6 days now. They arrived in great condition. I ordered 20, but received 21 not including the little free Hamburg chick. I ended up losing one of the Cornish, poor thing died right in my hand while I was trying to save it. But I still have 20, which is what I ordered in the first place, so I am pretty happy about that!
I followed all of the Chick Care guidelines to a T that are on the website and I am confident that the rest of the chicks will be healthy and happy up to processing time (not sure how happy they will be when that day comes).
I have so much confidence in the quality of the birds offered by McMurray that I will be buying my next batch from here again!
I started mine on 18% starter to slow down the growth a bit, then plan to add 20% next week and up until processing. I have also started them on fermented starter as well and they LOVE it! Mine will also see about 2 hours of pasture grazing time with the laying hens to keep them active and mobile. I am hoping this will prevent some of the leg issues associated with the breed and since I don't mind a little slower growth rate, it should work out fine. It really is shocking how fast they grow!
8/30/2016 1:26 PM report abuse
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It is shocking how fast they grow, I just got fifteen different breed chicks. I'm aiming for eggs but I picked out one red ranger boiler. There is no doubt which one she is because she is more than double the size of the rest.
9/9/2016 8:29 AM report abuse