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Topic: Nipple waterers in winter (5 messages)

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Nipple waterers in winter (5 messages)
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I was wondering if you can use the nipple style waterers in the winter? The kind I'm talking about are the ones with the nipples screwed into the bottom of a bucket. I figure you can use one of the bucket heaters to keep the water in the bucket from freezing, but I'm wondering if the nipples would still freeze.
9/9/2016 12:14 AM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
We have the new chicken water de-icer that is designed for use with nipple drinkers.
9/15/2016 2:57 PM report abuse

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Survived our first winter in Montana. Girls did well even when it got to -22.
You might want to try some horizontal nipples instead of the vertical nipples you are using. The horizontal ones are less likely to freeze during the winter as they don't hang down below the bucket or container you are using. They are also less likely to leak and make a frozen mess on the ground under the water.

I use a semi transparent plastic tote I bought from Walmart that holds 10 gallons of water. It's semi transparent so I can easily see when it needs filled. The horizontal nipples are mounted on the side of the tote but close to the bottom of the tote. The lid of the tote has a hole in it that is large enough for the cord of the stock tank deicer that is rated safe to use in plastic. With 15 birds that was more water than they could drink in a week so it cut down on how often it needed filled during the winter. It also stayed thawed the coldest it got here last winter, -12 degrees F. The water was kept outside in the run to keep any extra moisture out of the coop. This system worked so well that the neighbors are all going to be using it this coming winter.
11/13/2016 10:57 PM report abuse
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Are horizontal nipples different from the vertical ones, or do you just mount them differently? Could you post a picture of your setup?
11/13/2016 11:18 PM report abuse

Score: 51
Survived our first winter in Montana. Girls did well even when it got to -22.
Horizontal nipples and vertical nipples are completely different. I will take a picture of the waterer tomorrow.

Do a search on Ebay for horizontal poultry nipples to see the difference.
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