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Topic: Very active male bantam (3 messages)

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Very active male bantam (3 messages)
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I have what I think is an overly "active" bantam Cochin rooster
My hens with him are not mature yet in the sense they're not even laying , they are the same age but he is crowing and trying to mate
Anyone have any suggestions on how to calm him down!? He just won't leave my poor girls alone ??
9/26/2016 11:13 PM report abuse
Score: 9
He is displaying normal healthy rooster activity it sounds to me! It is not uncommon for the young rooster to start attending to the hens at a fairly young age (before the hens are laying is normal). If he starts to injure hens or attack and attempt to flog you when you approach him face on, he may be a problem boy. You do not need a rooster if you don't want to breed.I have got rid of several roosters and a few bad tempered hens over the last 40 years. But usually I make allowances for the normal animal instincts and adjust My expectations and adapt to the roosters(or the hen)! Give the boy at least 5-6 hens and expect him to engage at least some of them frequently on a daily basis, that is normal. In turn he will usually try and protect the hens and show them to food if allowed to range. Also, you then will have the opportunity to have your own replacement birds raised right in your chicken yard! P.S.-Sometimes the more you handle the birds the more docile they become(sometimes!)and sometimes the most attractive,virile and active rooster passes on the best genetics to the next generation!
Post edited by MARK73 9/28/2016 3:51 PM
9/28/2016 3:45 PM report abuse
Score: 1
thank you for your advice its much appreciated I moved him in with my larger birds and he so darn cute trying to ''love'' on the big girls lol
I'm sure with cooler weather coming hes sure to settle down!
9/28/2016 6:30 PM report abuse