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Topic: Some black fungus on the comb (2 messages)

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Some black fungus on the comb (2 messages)
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I bought some day olds back June 1st, 2016. I have 5 Red Star and 5 White Leghorn hens. Looks like about half of each has this black fungus on the combs. See pic. This is my 2nd set of chicks. Never had problem before. Is there something I can do? What went wrong? I am in East Texas and we have not had any freezing temps nor super hot days.
11/15/2016 12:58 PM report abuse

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Survived our first winter in Montana. Girls did well even when it got to -22.
It could be frostbite. Chickens with big combs are most likely to get frostbite. I'd make sure you have enough ventilation in the upper areas of your coop to get the moisture out. A dry chicken is a warm chicken. Chickens make a lot of moisture by breathing and pooping. Getting that moisture out of the coop is your number one way of keeping your birds warm and keeping frostbite away.

My 6 by 8 coop has two 1 by 3 foot vents just under the eaves. I also have a 2 by 2 vent in the back of the coop where no wind will get in as it's only a couple feet from the house. I also leave my pop door open year round. Already this year we've had nights that were below 0 and none of the girls are getting frostbite. In the mornings they are all in the covered run scratching around for anything they might have missed the day before.
12/15/2016 2:43 PM report abuse