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Topic: Winter molting (1 messages)

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Winter molting (1 messages)
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One of our red stars is pretty bare right now. We are in Alaska. We have an appropriate size hen house for our 7 chickens but they prefer to roost outside in their enclosed run. They are 18 months old. This is their first molt. They roosted outside all winter last year. The other 6 ( a mix of red star, barred rocks, Rhode Island, Auracanas) are fluffy and I'm not worried about them. Just our little red star that is at the bottom of the pecking order and very scraggly looking. Should we "force" her into the henhouse for extra warmth until she gets her feathers in or just let her do what she wants. She roosts by herself outside because the other 6 won't let her snuggle up to them. No signs of pecking, but we worry about her in our cold temps. Thanks for any input/wisdom/experience from cold climate chicken owners. Temps are expected to be negative single digits this next week.
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