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Topic: Egg bound? (4 messages)

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Egg bound? (4 messages)
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I had a chicken the other day acting funny, we kept trying to keep a close eye on it we went and did chores and came back and she was dead. She looked like she had been bleeding from her vent... No I've noticed two other chickens who are bleeding from the event one in which white stuff is coming out which I can only assume is poop, i'm in the process of separating them from each other and from the flock. Is there something I can do, is there something I'm doing wrong for them all to be like this? This is the first year I've actually had chickens, I need some help. Any advice ?
12/21/2016 7:14 PM report abuse

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Survived our first winter in Montana. Girls did well even when it got to -22.
There are several diseases that cause the symptoms your birds are experiencing. Can you get a sample to a vet? You could also research your state's agriculture department. Sometimes they will test a dead bird to see why it died. If worse comes to worse you should go to your local feed store and get an antibiotic. It just might help and be the right one. Better than not treating them at all.
12/22/2016 1:48 PM report abuse
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Thank you so much, but how would I be able to distinguish what kind of anabiotic to give them. I've talk to A few people I know who deal with chickens, and they're the ones who suggested separating them for a while, it seems to of helped one, the other not so well . But I'll keep working on it and continue to figure out how to help them .
12/22/2016 4:52 PM report abuse

Score: 34
Survived our first winter in Montana. Girls did well even when it got to -22.
Unless you can figure out exactly what is causing the problem you won't know which antibiotic will help. That is why I suggested you try to find a vet who will take a sample or contact your state agricultural department to figure out why your chicken died.

You do have a chance of getting the right antibiotic from the feed store. Hey, it's better than doing nothing. At least you have a chance if you can't or won't get professional help. If it's contagious you could potentially lose your whole flock.
12/22/2016 10:12 PM report abuse