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Topic: Chicks arrived today (2 messages)

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Chicks arrived today (2 messages)
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Picked up all 26 of them, it is cold here in Wisconsin, I was a little worried. All of them seem to be doing great! Eating, drinking and getting warm. I only have 2 that I am worried about. One of my Barred Rock just wanted to curling up in a ball. Did get it to take some honey in a dropper, so time will tell. Also, my exotic chick seems healthy, eating and drinking, but is holding its right leg straight out. (injured maybe?) When I pick it up it bends it normally. At a lose. Any ideas on what to do? I have now lost 3 of them with 2 more not looking very good. The rest seem ok.
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Same results here. Response by McMurray would be nice.
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