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Topic: Royal Palm Turkeys (2 messages)

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Royal Palm Turkeys (2 messages)
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Does anyone use these as a meat bird? At what age do you butcher and how much meat do they have?
6/21/2012 7:40 PM report abuse
Score: 34
I do not have Palms (I chose bourbon reds, blue slates, and Narragansett instead) because I have been told by many experienced turkey keepers that they do not make very good meat birds. Their breasts have a different shape to the rib bones and so they do not have as much meat as other breeds. Most people that I know that raise heritage turkeys and have royal palms keep them as "lawn ornaments". Most heritage turkeys need at least 30 weeks to gain weight before butchering in order to get them to a good weight (around 14-20lbs)but they can be butchered at any age, depending on how large of a bird you want.
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