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Topic: How I received my shipment of chicks (2 messages)

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How I received my shipment of chicks (2 messages)
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I ordered 25 Cornish cross chicks and picked them up from post office 48hrs after they were shipped from the hatchery. When my little 8 year old opened the box this is what he found.....a box of mangled dead birds. It's horrific!!!!! How these living creatures were packed like that. Horrible. Out of the 26 i now have 3 left. They arrived this morning.....
2/9/2017 7:12 PM report abuse
Score: 9
Sad! This type of sadistic abuse by a postal worker does happen occasionally. I have had this happen many years ago with an order from a different supplier and also had a severely damaged box delivered with many dead birds that took two extra days as well, to arrive. Thankfully this is not the norm! I have had well over a dozen deliveries of live chicks, ducks, poults and goslings and most arrived ok with maybe only one or two dead usually, if any! Don't be discouraged! I never would of enjoyed so many types of poultry without mail order and even when hatching and raising your own some will perish occasionally. Good Luck with your flocks!
5/13/2017 7:15 PM report abuse