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Topic: Which breed is this chicken? (3 messages)

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Which breed is this chicken? (3 messages)
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We ordered black stars and red stars. This is the bonus chick. We thought it was a rooster but we're not quite sure. The reason is, there is one hen laying a light green egg. I assumed it was this one because red and black stars are brown egg layers. So, what breed is this? Can R&B Stars lay green eggs?
2/26/2017 3:22 PM report abuse
Score: 1
green egg layer americaours
3/21/2017 2:34 PM report abuse
Score: 0
I ordered the OEL assortment and one of the chicks looks very similar to this (red chest, cream back, red lacing on wing/back/neck feathers. None of the assortment are Americauna or Auraucana (no muffs). Yet the last two days I've found a small green egg in a nest box. I suspect it's this hen as the rooster has been paying more to her than to the other pullets in the order. I'm disappointed as this was an expensive order for me to get a mutt (cross border US to Canada).
10/10/2017 12:46 PM report abuse