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Topic: Epic Fail (2 messages)

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Epic Fail (2 messages)
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I ordered an assortment of ornamental layers. They arrived today and only 1 appeared to be injured/sick. She's not moving much and just resting under the lamp.

She's yellow and there are a few other yellow chicks in the box. I wanted to know which one she was, if she regained strength and improved, so I marked one of her toes with a BLACK marker. The other chicks immediately began pecking at her foot. I had to put her in her own box.

If she regains strength, I'm afraid to put her back with the other chicks. What can I do?

(First time chick/chicken owner; Please don't judge)
3/8/2017 12:08 PM report abuse
Score: 1
give it some honey, make sure she drinking
3/8/2017 4:24 PM report abuse