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Topic: Chick Arrival (1 messages)

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Chick Arrival (1 messages)
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I wanted to say I am well pleased with my MM order, I reveived extra chicks in case of problems, but as of now all but 1 is peeping loudly and being rambunctious!

My only issue was that the USPS left the babies sit in MN for 24 hours, they were scanned ever step of their journey and it was admitted to me that they had set them to the side and forgotten them.

The one I did lose was no fault of MM or the post office, when I put water in, I watched for a few and in the minute it took me to get a cup of coffee, his brooder mates had drowned him. He was the smallest and I know it can happen, I should have removed the waterer when I walked away.

All in all they are beautiful and healthy, didn't even have to clean vents! Still looking for what my little red feather footed surprise chick is though :)
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