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Topic: Brooder bedding alternatives (2 messages)

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Brooder bedding alternatives (2 messages)
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We are seeing that pine shavings are recommended for brooder bedding, but I am allergic to sawdust from pine and basswood. I wouldn't die, but would probably sneeze to violently to handle chicks! Since we plan to keep our chicks in our cottage, I am wondering if mixed hardwood, mostly red maple chips from our woods is a good alternative. If that won't work, we did just cut down some popple (a variety of aspen) and could chip that up pretty quick if fresh wood chips are acceptable. Thanks!
4/19/2017 7:15 PM report abuse
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Be careful with using just any chips! Some chips can be toxic or irritants from some species of woods commonly found around the USA. I have used clean chopped wheat straw with good success many times.
5/13/2017 6:53 PM report abuse